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Just saying…


7:17 pm
August 21, 2013


I am so sorry please unban me

Bad to the Yolk

posts 692


I have been geting negative expiriences In here…


I think everybody hates me (Maybe cause I'm new?!?!Idk)


Everyone spamms on my topics! (Are they doing It on purpose??)


Joysick <–Idk who this guy is but he joined when I was new here…(That who did It just did It to get me outta here cause everyone wouldn't believe me…)


So If you DON'T want me here just tell It!

8:14 pm
August 21, 2013


In a nasty world.

Badder than Bad

posts 4171


Well we are friends so I will tell you some POSSIBLE reasons people may dislike you. (Just being honest)


1. You spam a lot (more then others), like we all do including me.

2. Grave dug many topics and you said you were an old member( so you know  the rules.)

3. You make useless topics too. Like this one.

Just ignore haters.  

I dont want you to leave. You are cool here. 

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9:30 pm
August 21, 2013


I am so sorry please unban me

Bad to the Yolk

posts 692


Yeah…But spamming and or GRAVEDIGGING that I have stopped It Isn't a reason to hate someone…You hate someone for calling him names or what so ever.

12:10 am
August 22, 2013


In a nasty world.

Badder than Bad

posts 4171


It can get annoying when someone constantly spams. Which you haven't stopped. You may think you did but you didn't. Don't worry we all spam but just learn to spam less.

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1:55 am
August 22, 2013



Hard Boiled

posts 123


Dont let rage over take over you. People who hate you are just jealous. Its what I always say to myself when I feel like this. Let the haters sit below you. You can easily ignore them making you rise over them. Dont be afraid of your fears, and if its true people may not like you do everything in your power to fix the relationships, or if it cant be solved, simply ignore them.




2:30 am
August 22, 2013



Badder than Bad

posts 3566


Gear N. R. 1. 2. 3. D.


Be on neutral.

7:45 am
August 22, 2013

dan dan

>>>Croatia <<<

Badass Egg

posts 1406


Please do NOT leave!

I consider you as a full member of this forum.

You have rights to express your ideas and thoughts.

Do not think that somebody hates you.

You need to realize that people have different tastes and that there where is answer "yes" is always going to be the answer "no".

There will be always spammers and grave diggers.

I remember you when you just made account on forum.

You were grave digging and spamming lots of topics. It was annoying!

But you read the rules you listened to moderators and other members and I saw you fixed that.

Thats the way how life works.

Now I consider you as a friend and there is no way to say that everybody hates you.

Think about that…


dan dan

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Audi, vide, tace si vis vivere in pace.

Accipe vitam offers.

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Link of my new 9 maps for the game- http://www.badeggsonline.com/f…..y-dan-dan/


2:09 pm
August 22, 2013


In a nasty world.

Badder than Bad

posts 4171


I agree 100% with Dan Dan.

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