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Rules* PLEASE READ before Posting


8:53 pm
September 29, 2011




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Welcome to the Bad Eggs Online forums. We are thrilled to have you on board and if you want to share and contribute to our growing community we look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts here in the forum.

Please have a quick gander over the rules. We're still taking baby steps at the moment so expect the rules to change and grow as time goes on.


1. The First Rule of EggClub: Respect for your fellow Egg Warriors

  • Yes, it is the Apocalypse and yes, that does mean it's war, but that doesn't mean we will accept rude behavior or unruly insults.
  • Healthy debate is encouraged but please don't cross the line. No arguing for the sake of it.
  • Respect users regardless of experience. If a new user asks an obvious question, don't degrade them. Be helpful and point them in the right direction.
  • Basically… no TROLLING. Seriously, it's not cool.

2. Please post in the correct forum section/sub forum

  • We realize this will become more pertinent as the number of threads increases and it becomes clearer where to post. Until then we'll try to manage it as it stands for now. Most things can be posted in general discussion. But please use Feedback and bug reporting if you come across any issues in the game. It is still in beta at the moment so please be patient while we iron out the kinks.
  • No Repeat Topics. Please. It's not hard to check to see if a topic exists on your particular issue rather than creating a new one every time. It's easier for everyone to navigate if things are in one place.
  • Also try to stay on topic in a particular thread. If you want to discuss random stuff there is an off topic thread for exactly that.
  • Posts about hacking are strictly forbidden. Anyone caught hacking, encouraging or teaching others to hack the game is just asking for trouble. We'll delete your post and your account. This is also the case in the game. Please report suspected hackers using the contact form and we'll investigate.

3. No offensive usernames / inappropriate discussions / no distasteful images or video links

  • Please refrain from using offensive or inappropriate usernames. It's neither big nor clever. If we come across or are alerted to an offensive username we will ask you to change it or ban the account. Similarly dodgy discussions won't be tolerated. Same for images or videos. We'll just delete your post…

4. No swearing.

  • We're not against the odd curse here and then but try to keep it clean in the forums.

5. No Spamming/No Double Posting/Keep signatures tidy

  • As it says on the tin.
  • For clarification, this includes Double posting etc. If you have more to say, please edit your original post. Thank you.
  • Don't be digging up old threads (5+ days) for no reason. Make sure there is a genuine reason. Otherwise we'll just delete the old thread entirely.
  • Please don't create huge oversized signatures. They look ugly and take up so much room. Please keep them to 100 pixels in height if possible.

6. No advertising 3rd party websites

  • Please do not advertise your 3rd party websites on the forum or in chat.
  • Feel free to create clans with other members and band together to defeat other eggs but please keep them inside the forum.

TO NOTE: Please don't go asking if you can also become a moderator. We appoint mods at our sole discretion based on a specific set of qualities and skills and no amount of pleading and begging will get you anywhere. In fact its likely to land you pretty much a  to be a zero chance of becoming one.



For those interested this is the ranking tree for the forum. Please don't use this as an excuse to start going gung ho with pointless posts. If I catch people doing this, I'm just gonna delete your posts.

0 posts ______ Freshman Egg

2+ posts ______ Fried Egg

20+ posts ______ Sunny Side Up

50+ posts ______ Scrambled Egg

80+ posts ______ Poached Egg

100+ posts ______ Hard Boiled

150+ posts ______ Bad Egg

300+ posts ______ Very Bad Egg

500+ posts ______ Bad to the Yolk

750+ posts ______ Rotten to the Core

1000+ posts ______ Lean, Mean Egging Machine

1250+ posts ______ Badass Egg

1500+ posts ______ As Bad as Eggs come!

2000+ posts ______ Badder than Bad!

Moderators: Mageg(g), Noncryptic, Zaught, Slim, Grim-Cat


That's it for now. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Jules and Vince (John and Rob).

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