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Are the offers you can fill out legitimate to earn points, or are they advertising scams?


2:45 am
November 28, 2011


Fried Egg

posts 15


I know all too well that alot of the time, those sites that ask you to fill out certain surveys, etc. and then you get your "points" can screw you over as well once you complete it.


So, what I'm wondering is, have any of you done the offers (the free ones, not the ones that require you to purchase something), and did you earn the points that it said you would?  I'm sure you can understand that I would rather know that what I'm doing is legitimate before I spend the time on filling the offers out.

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4:33 am
November 28, 2011


Hiding from humans.


posts 657


For me, it's a scam. They never work for me.. Confused

You're a bit eggcentric, but some bunny is going to think that's eggciting.Okay that was a bad yolk, Omelettin' it slide.

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9:16 am
November 28, 2011


Very Bad Egg

posts 382


I would say it's somewhere between 30-70 and 40-60 as far as the "real-scam" ratio. Remember that if it's too good to be true, it almost certainly is, and also, that these people are probably psychos and will murder you and your entire fambly if you tell them where you live. So if they ask, lie. Tell them where someone you don't like lives instead.


Above all else, TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR. They don't want to hear that you're 12, don't have any money, and aren't interested in buying whatever junk they seem to be trying to sell. If all else fails, remember the lessons of Captain Star Trek: If you find you're in a bind, you just make some egg up.

Only the best serve me, let the others moan.

9:22 am
November 28, 2011


The Alpha and the Omegga


posts 819


Remember to use believeable information. 
Fakenamegenerator is what I used when I used to fill in Sharecash surveys,
never had a problem with it, give it a go :) 

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9:23 am
November 28, 2011


Very Bad Egg

posts 382


I just use one of those online phone books. The information's real. It's just not MINE.


Other things to keep in mind: If you are from Foreignia, they DO NOT LIKE YOU. Do not be from Foreignia. If you happen to be connecting from a Foreignian IP…USE A DIFFERENT ONE. I notice this a lot when I'm using one of my Foreignian exits and suddenly notice that the text is all in Greek and none of the offers actually work (probably because I don't know Greek).

Only the best serve me, let the others moan.

9:36 am
November 28, 2011


The Alpha and the Omegga


posts 819


Lucky enough I'm in the uk ^_^ 3rd party info-stealers love us.

 The panda is endangered. Save him :(

11:31 am
November 28, 2011


Very Bad Egg

posts 446


And, remember: You always have EVERY SINGLE DISEASE they ask you… 100% win!

Italian Egg! 

1:25 pm
November 28, 2011



Very Bad Egg

posts 328


they work about half the time… but always lie. and make sure the zip code matches the state. i live on 1234 Lala lane in these surveys, they think its real.Wink


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3:54 pm
November 28, 2011

Rob Donkin



posts 383


If you follow the instructions precisely then yes they should work. If you give false information then I imagine it will be less likely to work and can also result in a ban from Super Rewards so I certainly wouldn't recommend it.

4:54 pm
November 28, 2011


Very Bad Egg

posts 382


No, you pretty much have to make stuff up. Otherwise you never qualify, because apparently, they don't actually want honest answers, they want results that make them look good to whoever they're trying to sell these results to. That means you can't be a normal, healthy individual with absolutely no interest in dodgy pharmeceutical products. Stick with being terminally ill and dying of the plague.

Only the best serve me, let the others moan.

1:53 am
November 29, 2011


On Earth where Marshians call us Aliens

Bad Egg

posts 286


Is there mods. for super rewards because if not then unless its something like the netflix one (which would be odvious) there needs to be mods to make sure no physco freaks just want your info and steal stuff from u and i know a very useful tip on if its a scam or not. If they ask anything like adress phone number or anything like that (if not it probably wont say this at all look in the url if it starts with https you are good and it is real. if not it is a scam and run away from your computer screaming THE ALIENS ARE COMING THE ALIEN ARE COMING and give your computer to Rob Donkin to create more bad eggs. (just kidding wanted to make u laugh AND IM NOT ROB DONKIN)


2:02 am
November 29, 2011


Your Mother's house

Very Bad Egg

posts 440


Beware the downloadable games. they will give you a virus.

Puff The Magic Dragon….

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