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*New Idea* Ocerna's Ideas
07-04-2015, 02:29 PM (This post was last modified: 12-22-2015 05:34 AM by Ocerna.)
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*New Idea* Ocerna's Ideas
Here are my ideas, I have tried to make them as unique as possible. Please feel free to comment anything about it Smiley_ThumbsUp

Weapon pack 1: Smiley_BigGrin

Disco Ball- When thrown it will activate within a second. The object will spin like a disco ball while shooting 10 lasers in opposite directions and each laser will deal 1 damage,and while spinning and shooting, disco music will be playing and make you or your opponent dance!. The ball will last a total amount of 5 seconds before it breaks (like glass usually breaks). When it breaks, 15 peices of glass will appear and act as grenades and explode and deal 1 damage for each peice. Total damage 35 (partial credit to [FTF] Gen. Goonday)

Flamin' ice- It is an arrow made of ice with a trail of fire following it. When the arrow hits an opponent it will freeze and burn them, taking away 5 hp for 3 turns. Direct hit is only 15 damage. Plus another 15 damage (the 5 hp taken from 3 turns) Only lasts 5 seconds before it completely incinerates. Total damage 30

Tsunami- Stuck in a dirt bomb? No worries! Shoot a blue marble and 7 waves of water will swoop down from above and wash the dirt away! Control where the waves go, move them side to side! Does no damage to you (unless you hit your teammate) but will definitely hurt your opponent! Total damage 28 ( does 4 damage for each wave that hits opponent accurately)

Pain from below- Shoot a white and red needle to your opponent and needles from below will rise ! This will definitely make them jump! Total damage 28

The Flute of death- Play a fearful melody with this flute in any direction and 9 notes will align and start attacking the enemy! You can control each and every one of the notes! Each note deals 4 damage. Total damage 36

Weapon pack 2: Cool

Sweet gun- Who doesn't like anything sweet!? This gun will shoot honey and stick your opponent to the terrain. They will not be able to move or shoot for 2 turns. This sticky item will only be able to be removed with a bow or knife. Total damage 20

The summoning- Instead of beating your enemy to death, why don't you scare them to death!? Shoot a purple marble to your enemy and watch 9 souls emerge from beneath and attack your opponent! Each soul does 4 damage. Total damage 36

Spectral Boomerang- This amazing object goes through walls and opponents. But that's not it, it comes for more! Why only hit your opponent once when you can hit them twice! When you hit your opponent with the boomerang once, it will come back and hit them again! Each hit does 15 damage. Total damage 30

Love potion- Throw the potion to your opponent and watch them fall in love with you! Your opponent will turn into your ally and will hit their teammate! If the person affected by the potion tries to skip their turn then an additional 20 damage will be taken away! Potion will only last for one turn. Total damage 15, however if he/she tries to skip turn, total damage will be 35. Partial credit to Mr_209

Invisible shield potion- Drink this potion and an invisible shield will appear! The shield protects you from getting hit, however, you can still hit them! If the opponent hits the shield, then they will be taken away 15 hp! This potion will last for two turns. Total damage 0 (15 if they hit the shield)

Additional Weapon- if the invisible shield was not up to your liking then here comes another!

Twister- Shoot a grey marble towards your opponent and a a grey cloud will appear. Afterwards, a twister will touch down and throw away the enemy, it will take them for a spin! Total damage 32. partial credit to Grifindor2

Weapon Pack 3: Smiley_RockOn

Vigorous Kunai: As you throw this dangerous knife, it gathers energy along the way. Takes 4 seconds to develop to full size. It becomes 3x its size when all the energy needed is gathered. Once the kunai hits when completely developed, it will explode and will take away 30 hp, however when it is not completely developed, it will only do 15 damage.

Water dragon: Beware of this fearful weapon! Shoot a turquoise marble at your opponent and drops of water will gather from beneath and emerge into a dragon! This scary dragon will then seek to attack your opponent! Total damage is 28.

Lightning Defense: Act like a god! Throw a lightning bolt at your opponent and an electrical cloud will float above them! Once they shoot an object to you, lighting will strike the weapon in mid-air and completely incinerate it! After it incinerates the object, lightning will then strike the enemy, taking away 7 hp. The cloud will last for two of your opponents turn. Total damage 14

Bomb Beast- Unleash the beast! Throw a bomb that will last a total of 5 seconds before it explodes. When it explodes and hits the enemy accurately, it will take away 20 hp. After the explosion, a beast will appear from the smoke and attack the opponent! The beast does an additional 15 damage. Total damage 35

Rocky- Throw a rock at the competitor and a rocky dummy will appear! The dummy will shoot 16 rocks at the competitor (each rock does 2 damage), then rocky will shield you for one of your turns! Total damage 32.

Weapon Pack 4: Smiley_Fire

Soccer Delight: Try to score a goal, your target is..your opponents face! Requires 2 bounces to explode. After it explodes it will release 10 tiny bombs from above. The tiny bombs are not timed and explode once they make contact and deal 2 damage each. First explosion deals 10 damage. Total damage 30.

DJ Danger: Shoot a white marble at the enemy and watch DJ danger come down from above while playing music. He will float above the opponent. Control the dj and move him left to right. Once he drops the beat, he will get crazy! When the beat drops he will shoot 10 notes down at the opponent and make them fist pump until he disappears! Max damage 40 (each note deals 4 damage)

Immobilizing Cobra: Shoot a cobra at your opponent and have its poisonous fangs bite them and paralize him/her! The enemy will have their aim resetted and they will not be able to move at all. Total damage 24

Toro, the bully: Watch out for this mad bull! Do not wear any specks of red when he is around, or he will get ya! Shoot a marble with the face of a bull printed on it and the bull will charge at the enemy with full force from the opposite side where the marble was shot. This will not work with solid walls. (Bouncy walls is are an exception) Total damage 35.

The thiefilizer2000: Shoot a claw at your opponent and watch it steal a random weapon from their random load out and bring it to you! The claw will not take any bought weapons. Total damage 10

If the thiefilizer200 was not up to your liking here comes another weapon.

Additional Weapon:

Salsa Picante: Grab a bottle of hot sauce.... and squirt it in your opponents eyes! This will make your opponent's vision blurry and give them trouble aiming! The damage will only last for two of your enemy's turn. Total damage 15

*New Idea*
Beo2 Shuffle
[Image: NWgniqH.png]
This mini game will not affect your stats*

In this mini game, you will continue to play against other players online.

There is an easy mode and a hard mode. There will be a reward when you win a certain amount of games in each mode, the rewards may include a Rubik's Cube inspired shell for winning 250 games in the easy mode, and a Faberge egg-type shell for winning 150 games in the hard mode.

You may also unlock new weapons as you win a certain amount of games.

Weapon packs will be available to buy in the shop for 15 credits.

All you have to do is match the same weapon in a row, as shown in the image above. Each weapon will be given a description and the damage it will deal.

Some weapons may even have specialties, such as the power of four, where you match the same weapon four times, and it will do more damage than usual. Each weapon will deal a different amount of damage.

You won't be given a certain amount of moves, however, in each of your turns you will be timed 15 seconds.

Hope you liked this idea!

New weapon pack ideas soon to come!!

Spoiler :
A new weapon pack will be created specifically for every season!

Weapon Pack 5:Halloween Edition Smiley_BadEgg

Zombie- Protects you for at most 3 of your turns, he will stand in front of you. When the opponent hits the zombie, body parts will go flying, and each body part that hits you, does damage to the enemy!
Head does 10 damage, each arm does 6 damage, and each leg does 6 damage. Total damage 34

Horn of Horror- Throw a horn at a player from the opposite team,
and the character from the ninth realm will rise from the ground and bump into the opponent like a ram and set them on fire! Causing them to fly across the map! The player that is on fire will be removed 5 hp at the end of his/her's turn.
Total damage 33 (Bump is 18, after burning for three turns, 15 damage is done)
Spoiler :
[Image: c93CMmC.png]

Pumpkin- Throw a pumpkin at the rival and have it burst just in time on top of the opponent and have pumpkin guts cover them and the terrain surrounding them! The pumpkin guts that will surround the opponent prevents them from moving, whereas the guts that cover them prevents them from shooting. The pumpkin itself may do a maximum of 24 damage. However, if the opponent decides to shoot with the guts on her/him, he/she will be taken away the same amount of hp that the weapon that they were going to use deals.

Phantom- BOO! You can't see him, what will he do? Throw a white marble at your opponent and watch the phantom fly over the rival!
He may be able to mess up the rival's shots, and even control their aim, causing them to hit themselves. Who knows, he may even try to spook you or scratch you, causing you to lose damage! Possible Damage 24 (if he spooks you or scratches you )+ the damage he deals when he controls the aim of the rival, causing them to hit themselves.

Ssuugarr Ruushh- Eat the jaw watering candy and get an instant sugar rush! By doing that, you will be invincible for two of the opposite team's turn! This means, everyone that hits you will not deal very much damage. Total damage 0

Weapon pack 6:Christmas Edition Smiley_Party

Mistletoe- Throw the parasitic plant at your opponent and have it block their weapons for 2 of their turns! If they try to shoot with the mistletoe blocking their gun, they will deal damage to themselves. The plant itself does 10 damage. The total damage depends on the weapon that the opponent uses or if they even shoot at all.

Frosty- Throw a hat at the ground and the happy snowman will raise from below and attack your opponents! He shoots carrots through his nose and throws coal at those naughty eggs. He may even work as a shield! Total carrots thrown 9, each deal 2 damage. 4 pieces of coal will be thrown, each deal 4 damage. Total damage 34.

Magic gift wrap- Shoot a roll of gift wrap at your enemy and watch it wrap around your enemy tightly as if they were a present!! This immobilizes your opponent and prevents them from shooting. Only way to rip the wrap is by using a bow & arrow or a knife. The roll itself does 25 damage.

Feisty Santa- He knows all the good eggs and the bad eggs out there. He makes sure to check his list twice. Throw a red bright and shiny marble that glows and Santa will kindly appear. Once he sees a bad egg (your opponent), he makes sure to give them an unforgettable present. However, this is no ordinary present. Inside the box, there are ticking bombs! A total of 9 bombs in a gift box will be thrown at the enemy and each will deal 5 damage.

RC Reindeer- Throw an antler at your opponent and a reindeer will calmly fly down from the sky. You will be able to control this reindeer for a maximum of 10 seconds. However, instead of running over you like he ran over poor old grandma, he makes sure to drop some droppings on your opponent! This reindeer will drop a total of 10 droppings and each will deal 3 damage. The first 5 of those dropping will act as bombs and explode once they make contact with something, whereas the other 5 will also explode but in the other hand create tiny dirty bombs along with blast radius. Total damage 30.
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07-04-2015, 02:51 PM
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RE: Weapon pack idea
disco ball- sounds ike a combination of plasma and grenade launcher. That's not mixing it up.

flamin' ice- sounds way op, combining fire nd ice nto one weapon.. just no.

water hose- sounds kind of odd, and copy of pan in an odd way.

pain from below- sounds like an exact copy of bring the rain.

the flute of death- sounds like rc swarm, we don't need another op wep. But I do love the melody idea, we need more music so turbodog can jump with rhythm.

[Image: 2ev3rs5.png]
There's no greater bore than perfection- Richard Connell
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07-04-2015, 03:06 PM (This post was last modified: 07-13-2015 05:12 PM by Ocerna.)
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RE: Weapon pack idea
Disco ball- shoots lasers, not bullets. Does not bounce, it spins. Shoots ten lasers in opposite directions no matter where it goes. Pieces of glass aren't timed, they explode once they make contact
Flamin' ice- agree, it may be a bit too much
Water hose- I feel like water is a necessary element for this game. Also, the boxing glove is also a copy of the pan, no one says anything about it. And does more damage than pan, however, I will edit the weapon out.
Pain from below- not related to bring the rain what so ever. Needles rise from the ground..
The flute of death- did make it seem like rc swarm but I wanted to make something music related.
Thanks for the critic though, I appreciate it
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07-05-2015, 12:45 AM
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RE: Weapon pack idea
I love the disco ball a lot :-)

[Image: 2cq0inq.jpg]
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07-05-2015, 01:16 AM
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RE: Weapon pack idea
Also maybe the disco ball can make you dance.
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07-05-2015, 04:03 AM
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RE: Weapon pack idea
Would be cool if it would make you dance, didn't think about that actually. It would play disco music while spinning! Nice @Gen.GoondaySmiley_ThumbsUp
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07-05-2015, 09:25 AM
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RE: Weapon pack idea
Nice ideas keep it up!


Long live Jahseh
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07-08-2015, 11:37 PM
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RE: Weapon Pack Ideas
Nice ideas, cool.

[Image: 1zg93z5.png]
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07-14-2015, 01:34 AM
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RE: Weapon Pack Ideas *New Idea*
Good ideas , so awesome to see you here new and have ideas =]

Welcome to forum

[Image: FjeZ0Xu.gif?]
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07-27-2015, 03:12 AM
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RE: Weapon Pack Ideas *New Idea*

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