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Special Weapons & Modes-->Updated Time Shift & Hunting Mode
11-19-2013, 09:52 PM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2014 11:49 PM by SenSei.)
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Lightbulb Special Weapons & Modes-->Updated Time Shift & Hunting Mode
Potion list

1]shield potion - big bubble as shield. it can hold two players as well.

2]Reanimate potion- in 2v2 or 3v3 you can bring back your dead partner for 1 chance,in 1v1 you will have 1 extra chance.
he will be reanimated at same place where he was killed before.
also opponent cant shoot him ,he will have 0 hp & he can choose any weapon at his disposal because he came back from dead to help out.
dead partner will switch place with you & you will be count as dead ,he will play with same hp you had before
,but with his weapons,same like Tag team in wrestling.

3]levitating potion- you will go up in the air shoot from above for 2 turns.

4]Hypnotic potion - opponent will lose his 2 turns in animation stars will show up over head,you will choose which one to hypnotize.

5]Misdirection potion- you will switch places same like mass teleport but twist is two of you[clone] your team clones will appear with same name & shell & hp,then whoever has next turn will have to choose to shoot whom.
if he choose wrong person he will get damage also he decide to skip still he will get damage of attack 20 or 25.

6]Arcane potion- opponent will shot at you but he cant hit you same like attack disappears when lag happens
for 2 round you will stay undamaged.

7]2nd dimension or portal potion- it will be activated for 2 turns when opponent shoot at you
it will come back from behind & he will hit himself same like few accidents happen when loop wall is activated ;D

8]divine potion- you can walk through walls or any obstacle for 1 turn untill it wears off ,tricky part is wearing off timing will be different so you can go long distance or it can be short distance ,or you might trap yourself again.
your weapon will pass through any obstacle & you can hit direct at egg for 2 turns Smiley_XD
you can do both move & shoot its optional.

Elemental Furies
still ideas summon or shoot undecided.
1]Dragon fury- Chinese dragon Smiley_Dragon will appear & shoot Fireballs.
2]wind fury - wind creature will show up create the tornado with 20 or 25 damage each also will have change in terrain.
3]Rage fury- female goddess will show up will bless with super power of double damage for 2 turns.
4]Earth fury- Dinosaur or small reptiles will show up & shake the earth it will work same like all the kings men weapon
one giant dinosaur will drop from the sky,with huge scream & it will shake the earth same like 25t in BEO1.
5]water fury - clouds with lightning & heavy rain.
6]Death fury- Smiley_Reaper egg of doom with different animation.
7]nature fury - female goddess will appear angry version will trap opponent in tree roots ,same like getting trap in mud but with damage.

Special weapons
Zombie attack- any player at any location zombies will raise from ground & attack the egg,while the attack is happening your hp will slowly counting down at rate of -3 till the initial damage 50 blood will be spilled, its optional for death fury it will work same as egg of doom.
so everyone will have fear in there mind because zombies are coming.Smiley_ZombieSmiley_ZombieSmiley_Zombie

Vampire kiss - We know that vamps can turn into bats so we will have weapon like Bees[from BEO1] instead of bees they will be Bats,they will seek out enemy then when they near the enemy Bats will turn into Vamp & bite the egg 25 damage ;D

witch spell-on screen witch will show up from her boiling pot ghost will come Smiley_Skull Smiley_Skull
they will hover & terrorize the egg they will stay for 2-3 rounds doing 5 damage each initial damage 30 ,same like poison grenade,flamethrower attack but with ghosts.

Holy Sword-same like pan 30 damage special weapon ;D

Vikings Might- Smiley_Viking Hammer will have some weight
you can throw ,after hitting the target it will have animation of lighting bolt [from BEO1] damage will be 30.

Spiders Trap- as you know spider can climb so you have to hold space or fire button spider will walk & climb any obstacle in path till reach enemy then release space button spider will shoot web ,enemy will be trapped in web same like mud ,web will do 20-25 damage.

Time Shift Weapon - name says it all ,the weapon will send you back in time well not exactly, it will work like this when you activate this weapon it will calculate how many moves or turn all ready happened it will send back to you 2 turns early, it may be random ,
match can start from the beginning or just 1 turn or 2-4 turn early also terrain damage & every thing along with including Weapons & HP will restore when you activate this weapon. you will still gain xp because its special weapon.
why i think its possible whatever you do in game, it logs somewhere rite so manipulating 2-3 moves in backward & use it as weapon its not hard well in theory of course ;D i want to see egg doing time travel ;D

Special Mode
Ferris wheel- ok two wheels moving clock & anticlock wise & you just have to shoot your up & down moving target. no terrain damage.
it will have 2 modes
1] when ur turn comes your wheel will stop you have to shoot from current position while other wheel is moving.
2] both wheel will be moving apposite direction.
wind & roulette modes can be available for more fun.
backround will look more like this - click here

Dungeon Room- 1]we will have different version of Oozing caverns maps where in remote location Queen will be trapped in cage.
you will have unlimited ammo of Dirt ball & bazooka only.
2]you will spawn in corner of the game.Map will have traps like dripping acid if you pass through will do 20 damage for avoid those traps you will have to shoot dirt ball then make your way with bazooka.Dripping acid will start again in few sec. so you have to act fast.
3]Jumping also activated because you have to reach near the cage to free the queen. to do that you will have to use dirt ball to make your way upwards.
4]Freeing Queen will not be that easy ,cage will be wired with current & release button will be hidden in the map,you will have to find the release button or you can just shoot bazooka on button & free the queen.after you reach near to the Queen your Quest will be finished.
5]Cage,Acid traps,release button location will vary on every maps.
Ohh there will be Timer to check how fast you can finish the level.

Hunting Mode- like hunting season well we have 180 degree angle so chickens will fly in different trajectory you just have to shoot in limited time & make highest record ,you will have Sniper Rifle & bow, also will have two modes fast & slow for chickens,shooting with bow will be little harder i guess will have nice shooting arena map. Egg will be in center if you remember duck hunt or clay shooting game in old nintendo console,
minigame will be something like that click me

Disintegrator ray[click me]

Gargoyle Transformation[click me]

RC Helicopter Navigation[click me]

Cursed Dice[click me]

Water balloon Launcher & Ice-scream scoop launcher[click me]

EMP Bombs[click me]

Skill Mode[click me]

Random Box-Switch Weapons [click me]

Country tags/Flags[click me]

Trials tag name optional[click me]

Game option change notification[click me]

Different color trail for Stash Weapons[click me]

Revenge Match[click me]

Star Emblem for all Leader Board players [click me]

Reset Aim/power Mode[click me]

Reserve option for friend requests[click me]

Updated New idea shown in RED color.
will update more if i think any
all feedback's are welcome
hope you like it Smiley_XD

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11-19-2013, 11:55 PM
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RE: Elemental Furies & Potions
I love them. Nice ideas Sensei, must have taken a while to think and type them haha. But the second idea, Reanimate potion, I think it's a bit overpowered. That's the only one, everything else should be good! Nice work

[Image: 11l0lxt.png]
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11-20-2013, 12:28 AM (This post was last modified: 11-20-2013 03:00 AM by SenSei.)
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RE: Elemental Furies & Potions
thanks,ya took me few hours. Smiley_Smile
Reanimate will be more useful when u get piled on or when you have unwanted weapons & you die early, it will also depend on your partner how good he is
if he can do max damage to save you or not its kind of 50-50 chance.

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11-20-2013, 04:44 AM
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RE: Elemental Furies & Potions
I really like yours ideas and I hope few of them will be in the game Smiley_Smile
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11-20-2013, 10:20 AM (This post was last modified: 11-20-2013 11:34 AM by SenSei.)
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RE: Elemental Furies & Potions
Thanks matthew
Vikings Might added Smiley_BigGrin
divine potion idea updated.

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11-20-2013, 12:46 PM
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RE: Elemental Furies & Potions
What a great set of ideas; thank-you for sharing. The reanimate potion and the levitating potion are my favourite ideas but I think they would all work in the game
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11-20-2013, 02:27 PM (This post was last modified: 11-21-2013 12:47 AM by SenSei.)
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RE: Elemental Furies & Potions
thanks Birogrolph

spiders trap updated. ;D

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11-20-2013, 09:54 PM
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RE: Elemental Furies ,Potions & Special Weapons
Ideas are good hopefully they add them.

Smiley_YinYang Smiley_YinYang Smiley_YinYang Smiley_YinYang
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11-20-2013, 10:27 PM
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RE: Elemental Furies ,Potions & Special Weapons
Great ideas, but some seem a bit too overpowered, don't you think?

[Image: jv1x8x.png]
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11-20-2013, 11:35 PM (This post was last modified: 08-21-2014 01:08 PM by SenSei.)
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RE: Elemental Furies ,Potions & Special Weapons
Thanks but how its overpowered? because when more weapons available its will be most likely you will have less chance to use because it random, i am not giving 60 damage like whirlgig or black dragon from BEO1 ,all my attacks are possibly under 50 for now.

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