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color palette pack 0% 0 0%
none, i like it the way it is 66.67% 2 66.67%
none, i have a different idea 0% 0 0%
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color change palette
08-01-2014, 03:40 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2014 03:40 AM by snitcher.)
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color change palette
what is the aim of this suggestion for?

to add bit more color/liveliness for the game.
possibly more bread for the server.
to give some more uniqueness/individuality to every players shells.

suggestions for this idea:

every time you purchased or unlocked a shell you get the option of changing its color whenever you want or permanently (1 time change option), after choosing the shell a bunch of color option will pop out just like what we have in changing the color of our fonts here in forums. its either for free or a couple of credits. people who has bought and unlocked the shells before this wishful update will also have the same option.

color palette pack, similar to weapon and map packs you can purchase a set of color to customize your purchased and unlocked shell.

please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on this.

[Image: 4uS9reg.jpg]
a quote from an awesome user to remind me and maybe everyone else:
Tally Wrote:To echo the age-old quote, 'Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.'
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08-01-2014, 03:57 AM
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RE: color change palette
suggested before and although its nice idea it might not get used much.
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