Poll: Did you think my idea for wep pack 9 was accurate
good idea for wep pack 9 i love all the weps
i didnt like some of the weps but overall it was good
bad idea for wep pack 9 some weps where good but some horrible
horrible idea i didnt like any of the weps
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Weapon Pack 9
07-06-2014, 12:10 PM
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Weapon Pack 9
hey guys here are just a few ideas for weps for the new upcoming
wep pack 9

so i went threw all the weapons in the game trying to see which might be the perfect weps to have in the game so i hope these are pretty good

The Helmet:
the helmet wouldn't be a weapon but a defencive wep its almost like
the shield skill in beo1 but this helmet can take up to 25 dmg of something ounce the 25 dmg has been taken by the helmet the helmet disapears i thought this would be good due to more and more players getting packs and better weapons so everyone is always becoming stronger so this would be a good protection weapon.

The Hose:
So what if there was a hose shooting out high pressured
water at someone it would do a max of 30 dmg because it resembles the look of the multi-bouncer gun and multi-missle's gun

The Fire Cracker:
so the fire cracker would resemble the look of dynamite but
not entirely so it would do a total of 25 dmg due to it resembeling the look of dynamite and when the fire cracker explodes it shoots out color
ful sparks doing 5 dmg each

The Flare Gun:
The Flare gun you throw at a enemy and a giant bomb
from the sky falls on them that a plane dropped if it wore to hit
the ground it would be almost like the size of a big boom gun
the big boom gun original did 20 dmg but this gun resembles the air
strike and death from above so i say it be a total of 38 dmg

The Spear:
The spear is a throwing weapon and resembles the knife
the knife originally does 18 dmg so i say the spear does 22
theres is not much to say about this weapon so i will move on

ok thnx guys i hope you enjoyed my idea of weapons some of you
might not like the flare gun idea considering there are 2 guns who do almost the exact same thing but w.e i hope u edleast enjoyed

Note* yes i did make the fire cracker in a previous suggestion thread but it got so many likes i felt i put it in my suggestion for wep pack 9

have a wonderful day and dont forget to reply down below or vote on the poll Smiley_Smile

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07-07-2014, 04:58 AM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2014 05:00 AM by Melissa2.)
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RE: Weapon Pack 9
Nice! I like these ideas! Smiley_BigGrin
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