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Level Up update (IMPORTANT!)
06-28-2016, 06:21 PM
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RE: Level Up update (IMPORTANT!)
lol this idea is too obviously centred on wanting creds than on implementing a fair system to either earn credits for free or have a rewards system for levelling.
Basically, my opinion for this idea is a resounding no.

Ridiculously exploitive, and there are many ways and opportunities to gain free credits. Plus, I'm pretty sure irrespective of how much money the 'donkeys' do or do not have, the game(s) they have worked for should not just become a free-for-all. The developers are one side of the story, have you considered the people who either did already work hard to gain enough creds for items they wanted or those who spent money to do so? Would be pretty unfair on them to introduce such a cheat system for things since it's basically giving away the items they paid $$$ for free.

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