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Xp requirement for lobbys ?
04-05-2016, 09:31 AM
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Xp requirement for lobbys ?
Honestly we need some xp requirement's Smiley_XD Also maybe a game for only Pro members so its even

Example: like in game in lobby for starting a lobby like a thingie 2 put the xp requirement's also only Pro player's

and also this would mean you can't pass YOUR top xp just so it fair...

i know some lower and non payer player's can massacre some PRO's players
but still its not FAIR!!!

Wep packs are VERY OP [Gamer translation - OP mean's overpowered]
Paid shelled wep's also....

Also for the record I KNOW that PRO doesn't just mean player that don't have any like good wep's are considered garbage. im talking about the paid pro option not your SKILL...

I just had to get that straightened about before the hate comes....Smiley_Tongue

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