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Jachym's new ideas
06-12-2015, 05:24 PM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2015 06:41 PM by Jach.)
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RE: Jachym's new ideas
(06-12-2015 07:36 AM)Vexis Wrote:  Double Bouncer is definitely my favorite one on the list. I can see it making it's way to the game.

The pro option button is very interesting.

I like the others as well, always nice to read your suggestions.
I'm not too fond of the multi-knife weapon though. Not that it's not unique, it is. But it's extremely weak considering the multi-missile is basically the same exact thing (same with multi-bouncer) big differences being that it is not affected by wind, and it has no Xplosion radius meaning no possibility of x2.
If anything, i'd say make it an unlockable weapon.

Speaking of unlockable weapons, with the new addition of the extended prestige levels it opens up a WHOLE new world of possibilities. Weapons, (shells? Donkins? Prestige Shells?) badges, name it.
http://badeggsonline. com/beo2-forum/showthread.php?tid=3466

Thanks a lot Vex Smiley_BigGrin.

Swarm of Knives, this weapon can do 30 damage on small distance, so it's very similar to chain gun, I know it's a bad weapon but I thought other weapons from this pack are rather good. They are usable in many game situations: the icy ray does not many damage, but it's good when someone is hiding and you know which side to shoot, it freezes him (no radius so you won't freeze yourself) and he can't hide any more, and the knives come in handy in this situation too (because they haven't got radius). The electric dynamite can easily do x2, because there's the electricity and then the explosion. The donut is really good when you have few last hp and you can't kill the opponent, so you create immortal chicken, the opponent kills you, the chicken has got 3 turns to kill the opponent. And your favorite, the double bouncer, is good when your opponent hides on a unattainable spot with few last hp. When the bouncer hits the ground, it has 4 more bounces to hit him, and when it's double, you have double chance to hit him.

And your ideas are really good too Smiley_Smile. I like the upgraded dirt bomb Smiley_ThumbsUp.
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