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The invite display needs to be moved..
05-18-2015, 10:01 AM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2015 10:06 AM by HARDSCOPEYOURMOM.)
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Lightbulb The invite display needs to be moved..
It's actually really annoying when you play wind and random gravity and someone invites you because the invite display covers the wind and gravity values.. It should be moved so it's to the right side(or even the left side) of the screen or there should be a button to minimize it without actually declining the invite.

I know some people will be thinking "why don't you just decline the invite?" ... but sometimes my game is almost over and I want to accept the invite.. and by the time the game is over, the person who invited me will already be in a new game.. also sometimes if you play wind + low gravity and 10 seconds and it pops up as you're turn starts you don't have enough time to minimize it and shoot.. I know there has been many times when an invite has messed up my shot because it takes like 2-5 seconds to close it depending on how much lag I have and by that time I wont have enough time on the clock to analyze the situation and choose the correct weapon...

Sometimes you get spammed with invites by people and you have to close 2 or 3 of them leaving you no time to shoot. There is people on my friends list that invite me like 3 times in 1 game and it just gets really annoying to have to do that when I'm trying to shoot. Or if you have multiple friends that invite you within a small time frame it is also a problem.

It is something that definitely needs to be fixed and I don't understand how it hasn't been fixed already.. there is plenty of space at the top right and top left of the screen to relocate the invite display and shouldn't be too hard to fix..

Please fix this.
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