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√ ☢♛ Mystical Egg Dynasty™ Oƒƒ¡Ƈ¡ɑᏝ ƬʜƦ∃∀Ð ♛☢ ツ
03-30-2015, 03:58 AM (This post was last modified: 10-14-2015 05:30 PM by EeliolioQuitted.)
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Star √ ☢♛ Mystical Egg Dynasty™ Oƒƒ¡Ƈ¡ɑᏝ ƬʜƦ∃∀Ð ♛☢ ツ
[Image: FbAZA6O.png]

σƒƒι¢ιαℓ тняєα∂

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

This new clan called "Mystical Egg Dynasty" This is our clan tag In game →M€D™

This clan was made in 29 March 2015 (PM) by Eeliolio and Skycore.
The tag is M€D™ →Mystical Egg Dynasty

Me&Skycore made this clan with a lots of love & time. We hope our members will get nice memories from our clan and of course new friends.

We have now some members across the world who have remained incredibly loyal.
We are looking for some players to join our family. We currently have some members working hard to grow M€D™ to become a good clan.
If you want to join feel free to ask me or co-leaders.
You'll have great time in our clan, we have friendly, active and really nice persons. In our there's adults, teens and pre-teens, but remember: You Must Speak English, beacuse the most of our members speaks (only) English and their mom's language. Want to join this amazing clan? want to get new friends? We'd love to get you on our family.
If you want to join feel free to ask, maybe you PM us or find us from the game.

[Image: r3gIjs3.png]
[Image: 5Ae5ynU.png]

[Image: mKkIQsf.png]

IF you want to join M€D™, feel free to ask. Dont join without asking! And do not ask Again and Again can you join. You ask once, and we will discuss about it. When you respect our answer its the best way to go.

Before you Apply, you must fill out an application in the comments below.
How many credits you have used? And for what?
Your In-game-name (IGN):
ScreenShot from your profile:
Your Clan Tag (CT):

Recruiting procress

You can be official memeber (Official means you are on the list) if our staff invites you, co-leader, leader or another high staff.

You should be:
#Skilled player
#Friendly player
You will be tested by our staff first. You can wear add one letter at 1 day to proof you aren't clan hopepr (5days) Demonstration:
1st day: M
2nd day: €
3rd day: D
4th Day: ™
5th day: M€D™

[Image: VkGYkmP.png]

☢Your level doesnt matter IF you are SKILLED player.
☢No pornograpich.
☢Be friendly.
☢You must speak English&Keep the language clean.
☢No hacker allowed.
☢Respect your clan mates&Help them when they need that.
☢Be active, if you could not you can contact the staff.
☢Be loyal & Don't clan hop
☢Be honest.
☢Players may not share accounts or personal information including passwords with other players.

[Image: iT1xx0q.png]

#Pixie (Not Sure.)
#Echhi (Not Sure.)

Total member capacity: 24 (someone wanted to be invisible Smiley_Sad)


If our clan members see these players, they will attck them untill they die or raqequit.



[Image: eNQWXUF.png]


Contact Sites

Facebook group

Mystical Egg Dynasty a.k.a M€D™
Is a clan at BEO2 a.k.a Bad Eggs Online 2.
You can join this group if you like, support, or you're a allies.

Inappropriate content includes but is not limited to that which is:
Vulgar or graphic
Of pornographic nature
Offensive in nature
Hateful or Threatening
Sexually oriented
Invasive of a person’s privacy

Chatovod Room

Chat Room is meant for:
☢Someone wanting to have a battle with us.
☢Someone want become a allies with us.

Chat Room
☢No Cussing
☢No Pornograpich
☢Must be friendly
☢Everyone who dont follow these rules will be kicked out. If same happens again he/she 'll be banned.

Keep Egging!


Don't Leave something good
to find something better.
Once you realise you had the best
the best has found better. -DRAKE

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