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Clan Name Suggestions
09-29-2014, 11:19 AM (This post was last modified: 09-29-2014 11:43 AM by Vexis.)
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Clan Name Suggestions
In case anyone was stuck on some clan names, there are plenty of ideas still out there with enough pizzazz to nab someone's attention.

SoA - Soldiers Of Anarchy: (Optional: Members Would Be Required To Wear A Soldier Type Of Shell)

BYY - Bust Your Yolk

TS - Tyrant Shells

HoG - Hierarchy Of Gods (Could Be All Pigs Just For Irony)

DME - Deviant Master Eggs

TOBE - The Original Boss Eggs

WIT - War Intelligent Team

DOS - Devilish Organic Soldiers

TUA - The Unreal Aimers

PK - Professional Killers

honestly I could go on. I'm just trying to help anyone who might be stuck trying to come up with a name for a clan. Clan's aren't bad m'kay. If you built a clan and it failed try, try again. Take what you learned from what didn't work, and try to apply new/original ideas. (I can NOT stress the word ORIGINAL enough. Please no plagiarism when designing the structure of your clan)

Moved my suggestion off of trolls thread as to not clutter his suggestions up with responses that weren't relative to his.

Upgrade Stock -
With every weapon except the teleport you can sacrifice 2 of them for more damage. (or different things)
Say you have 5 rockets, you can sacrifice 2 of them to do a one-time 20 damage.
Same with splurge cannon, sacrifice 2 of them to do 25 damage.
I do believe DFA's need to be exempt from this, along with possibly a few other weapons that are already very deadly.

I personally think it would be great to be able to upgrade your dirt, or you walls as well. Instead of it being a dirt mound, it would be a metal casing surrounding them if you upgraded it. Harder to shoot through. Same with the wall, turns the stone wall into a steel wall.

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