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09-24-2014, 08:21 AM (This post was last modified: 09-25-2014 03:06 AM by buster.)
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Ok so we already have some titles but there for leveling up! Which dont really show much! (since ppl can boost and get levels) so my suggestion is Titles for there name ex "Simply The Best" is level 99.
Well lets say "Get 3 kills in one 3v3 game" if you complete that you can go to your profile and change your tag from "Simply The Best" to which ever you get from Completing that challenge lets say it says "The Savior" and then there ya go. I got this idea from a game I used to play at school.
more ex
*You will not be able to change your Title to a lower level title, only the unlockable ones by achievements ex Level 99 prestige 5 cant have "First Timer" for his title.
"Finish a 2v2 in less than 2 minutes" = "The Deadlies" (Dont know if 2 minutes is avg or not."
"Finish a 1v1 in less than 30 seconds" = "The Quick One"
"Buy more than 200 credits" = "Eggstra Buyer"
"Buy more than 500 credits" = " Rich Egg! "
"Buy more than 1000 credits" = "Best Egg Around!" (Simply because that person supports game alot!
now, there will be some that can be easy too, not all can be hard.
"Kill the 50 eggs in practice mode" = "Practice Hard"
" Kill 200 eggs in practice mode" =" Practice Much"
"Win more than 100 games in row" = "The Champion"
"Win more than 200 games in row" = "The Omega"
"Win more than 500 games in row" = "THE BEST"
"Win more than 50 games in row" = "Eggspert"
"Win flawless 2v2" = "Eggheads"
"Win Flawless 1v1v1v1" = "Eggstrordinary"
"Gain more than 900 XP in one match" = "The XP lover"
"Play 10 games without leaving lobby" = "Grand Yolk!"

then ofcourse you have the BAD titles which some ppl can use for laughs!

"Die first in 3v3" = "The Nooblet"
"Not do any damage in 1v1,2v2,3v3,etc" "King Of Missing"
"Use all weapons in a round (Not Stash)" = "Eggstra weapon please"
"Die frist in 3v3" = "On Bottom"
maybe some of you can think of some

and then the easy support ones.

"Like us on Facebook" = "The Liker"
"Follow us on Twitter" = "Egg of Twitterland"
"Get a Suggestion Added to game" = "Suggestineer"
"Get shell added to game" = "Eggreific!"
"Register BEO2 Forum" = "Forum Love"
"Have win 80%+ in BEO1" = "Veteran!" <--- (Would be cool to transfer only beta player accounts, therefore Vets only can earn this heh the good ones Smiley_Wink )

then we have the very hard ones people will go for Smiley_Wink only a couple for now.
"Find this achievement somewhere." = "Hide & Seek"
"Win a 3v3 flawless." = "Simply A Boss"
For this one you will find a small badge some where on your account (hopefully wont be shared if added)

Random Titles!
"Purchase all packs" = "Buyer!" <--- (Love this one because if you buy packs and win they always run to the ole' "YOU BUY WEPS"
"Full Damage in 1v1" = "Shots Fired!"
"Not Destroy ANY map in 1v1 & Win" = "Silent Killer"
"Suicide as last man in 3v3" = "Soft Egg"
"Earn 10 Titles" = "Rock Hard Egg!" <--- (This would be a interesting one to watch people race to.)
"Earn 15 Titles" = "Feel The Wrath"


Im adding more and more because if Donkins add this i want to have enough added nad not have them think of more that way its easy for them Smiley_Smile

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