Did you think my idea for wep pack 9 was accurate
good idea for wep pack 9 i love all the weps 64.71%
DeathStalker88, DeathTheKid, go stupid, Leonidc9, Lupo, mazzy45, Melissa2, SenSei, shadowmaster633, Vakson, wildmut
11 64.71%
i didnt like some of the weps but overall it was good 11.76%
halogame1, theswagger1010
2 11.76%
bad idea for wep pack 9 some weps where good but some horrible 17.65%
crazeddoctor, MWMWMWMWMWMWMWMW, Z-Gamer
3 17.65%
horrible idea i didnt like any of the weps 5.88%
1 5.88%
Total: 17 votes 100%