Full Version: new profile option!
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Another awesome suggestion! I was wondering if possible we can have stats where write howany matches we quit. And in game near Rep sistem how many games we quit to see who is quitter or not. ATTENCTION : how many games we QUIT pressing quit. Not lost connection. I think can be useful!

Thx Smiley_Smile
quitting game is not achievement Smiley_XD so Developers wont add this one.
Well at least number of quits Lol
Lots of quitters quit by refreshing the page.
It counts as a connection loss, and you lose no rep over it. Besides, really, who the heck cares how much we quit Smiley_XD
Well I want to seee in game who is a quitter and who not help team pick up
But, you can't see other players's profiles, can you?
I thought you could only view your own?
I mean near xp points as you can see
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