Full Version: CoD ghosts Skins
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Drawn in flash 8. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to use.
CoD Ghosts Shells
[Image: CfMIeCb.png]-Logan

[Image: lfW6rtl.png]-Merrick

[Image: kTFoQty.png]-Riley

[Image: f1MVpnv.png]-Keegan ---- Looks kinda bad compared to others.
Hey pal, nice job! I love it. Keep it up and I am also a big have of Ghosts and CoD. Great job
Thanks man. I plan on doing more game themed eggs in the future.
nice shells! you should make a graphic thread, you would get a lot of requests if you did.
Great work, all three shells are really good. Masterchief is right, you should make a graphics thread, if you have the time of course
Nice, I love them! Make a graphics thread so everyone can see it Smiley_Smile
Good work, all 3 shells are good and my favorite one is Logan
Wow! I like those ghost shells!
Great job!
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