Full Version: Deathmatch
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There should be this 1v1 mode where 2 eggs start with 0 HP and then after 5 minutes, the time will stop and the person who did the most damage wins.

For Ex: Its 0-0 and you use a mortar on someone, you get 15 points. (Oh and also healing weapons are most likely disabled since they heal people and there's no hp which there's no point to it.)
This is an interesting idea, reminds me of SSL2. I think it can work out though. If you hit yourself you will lose points, right?
people will just waste time and shoot in the last second
I think it would be an interesting concept, perhaps weapon packs should be disabled to make it more fair
deathmatchs are supposed to be spawn & kill again spawn & kill whoever have most kills wins,in given time limit 5,10,15min. for this game.
if this apply here only win will be counted not kills. will be more fun in 1v1v1v1 mode.
Yeah I called it Deathmatch cause I have no other titles Smiley_XD
I like idea!
This could be pretty cool.
You have my support! Smiley_Smile
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