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i want to say that there should be increase of rep after every one match when anybody wins the match . like in BEO 1 bcos now in BEO 2 we get
+1 rep after 1 day i dont think so to wait that much time

bcos i dont know why my rep is falling to -3 and i cant talk to any body my friends angry with me telling that i am showing ego

and i cant do anything Smiley_Sad

pls help me by vote

sorry for my bad english

im going to vote no Smiley_Sad
The point of the rep system was to let the reliable people report players. If everyone got +1 rep after a match, you wouldn't tell who is actually trying to report hackers and people who aren't behaving well to people who report other people because they have a grudge against them or just do not like that person.
but at least then give a cance to talk bcos in negative rep i am unable to talk to friends and they are thinking that i am rude with them and they are unfriending me
i dont want to loose my friends
well how to report in game
The only way that I know of to report people is to just contact them. or to send them a PM.
(11-03-2013 03:57 PM)kingofgod Wrote: [ -> ]well how to report in game

No idea...
But we need that.
You need at least 7 rep to report.
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