Full Version: Weird Trust Connection
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Hey I just logged online this morning on bad eggs and I got this weird trust connection message and I'm scared to press it so I press cancel and then it says the servers are down for bad eggs and I can't play. I do not want to press the trust connection because I'm afraid my account will get stolen please I need and I want to play I tried deleting and restarting the app and it's still there I'm new to the forums so I don't know how to send a picture of it because ot happens everytime I go into Bad Eggs. Hope this can be fixed
Was this on mobile or online?
It was on mobile

It also only happens on Android as my friend has an android and same message popped up for him and my brother has iPhone but bad eggs i fine for him.
Is anyone else experiencing the same thing as me on Andorid devices? It's been 3 days already and nothing has been fixed please I need to know if anyone else is getting this weird message
Thanks for letting us know. I'm seeing the same message in Android and am looking into it. It's worth pointing out that the server requesting access is the game server so it should be safe to trust it (I can confirm that I did and was able to connect to the game with no problems). I'm not sure if this is a new Android thing or if something has happened on our service provider side but I am trying to find out.
Thanks a lot I thought I was going to get my account stolen I really do enjoy this game. Hope everything can work and looking forward to keep on cracking some eggs. Thanks for your hard work Bad Eggs team.
I'm told a certificate has been updated that should have fixed this issue now. Let me know if you're still seeing it though.
Yes the message doesn't pop up anymore thanks so much I appreciate the fix and I'll let you know if the problem arises again.
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