Full Version: BrokenGround #FanArt
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Hello guys,
It's been awhile since I posted some drawing/designs,this time I decided to draw a picture of one character from the game Donkins are working on.
To be more precise its this one :
[Image: LKXvIyHhSfWecKsz9jw8FQ.png]
As you can see the picture is really small so It was tough to make it look good.
I didn't really pay attention on the clothes hes wearing and the gun hes using I just drew something random.
[Image: EPjHzGM.jpg]

P.S I hate drawing ears,thats why hes not having one lol Smiley_XD
It's not that he doesn't have ears...he's just an egg that grew legs and started walking.
Oh,so that's what it is!
Very nice Vakson, keep it up.
Great work Vakson! Love to see some more fan art around the little teasers of broken ground we have so far.
The shading is nice.
This is really cool, fan art for a game we haven't even released yet! Great work Smiley_BigGrin
Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it ^_^
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