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I have an idea: some kind of mission mode with levels instead of battles
Kinda like the hambo stage.

Some level ideas:

Fry You Up
Get another egg to a goal using the frying pan.
When you kill the egg, it's game over

Ten Weak Eggs
There are ten eggs with each 1 HP. Your only weapons are a Sidewinder, Crescent Moon and Whirlygig. When you run out of weapons without killing each egg, you lose the challenge.

Avoiding Attacks
You only have 1 HP, and CPUs are attacking you with Snipers and Airstrikes. Jumping Eggs, Low Gravity and Speedy Eggs are on. Try to avoid the attacks for a minute.

Maze Pilot
Try kill an egg with 18 HP with the Red Baron weapon.
You're on a maze-like map. When the weapon explodes, the challenge stops.

Robin Hood
Three arrows, three eggs, you're frozen, simple game.
(When you're out of arrows, the game stops)

Guns And Grenades
A 1v1v1v1 battle against CPUs, with only Snipers and Grenades.
No special settings, just a normal battle.

Teleporter Trouble
Hit an egg with bazookas while you're stuck in a teleporter loop.
4 bazookas, 60 HP

Windy Day
A 2v2 battle against CPUs with every player frozen.
Always 100% wind, wind direction changes every turn.
Only weapons which react to wind
Maze pilot could never work because the weapon itself only goes so fast. Other than that, I have to ask what the point of mission mode would be. Are there any shells or weapons to get from it? What about badges? If there's no reason for it being in the game, then there's no reason to add it in the first place.
The ideas are interesting, but I guess they are missing a reward. They sound fun, though.
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