Full Version: [Fan Character] The Pizza Boy
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[Image: 5WsADG9.png]
[Image: RTfFYzT.png]

I decided I'd have some fun and make another character. This one is a pizza boy! I came up with a description for him if he were to be sold in the store.
Here is the actual graphic:

[Image: EdeWpYN.png]

And here's what he would look like ingame.
Dang, look nice! Good Job! (Oh no, I think I want Pizza!)
This is really nice. Now I'm probably in the mood for some pizza haha (give me a slice (joking) Smiley_Wink ).
Cool Smiley_BigGrin
awesome work man
I really like this, great job.
I'm surprised we don't already have a Pizza Deliverer shell!
Nice shell man.Keep up the good work Smiley_Wink
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