Full Version: Drone idea ^_^
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Hello,this is my first weapon idea,i Hope you like Smiley_Tongue

You can move your drone anywhere!
[Image: Rmd3xeO.png]

The drone have 10 seconds before exploding Smiley_Shocked
[Image: NpMlm2K.png]

Explosion may vary in size and damage Smiley_Angry
[Image: vQG9Kab.png]

Especial thanks to to all those who supported me to continue making ideas,you guys are the true Amv Smiley_RockOn

PD:I'm sorry if the images are very large Smiley_Sad
Best ive seen yet keep it up!!!
Thanks Smiley_XD
Nice! I like the idea. Keep it up!
Nice idea.
Nice idea, i like it
This is a nice idea!

I particularly like the variance in explosion radius and damage. I think this could somewhat mitigate the effects of having features which could otherwise make it an over-powered weapon. Well done. Smiley_Smile
good idea but you should post it on suggestion section
Ok thanks for your advice Smiley_BigGrin
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