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Hi Everyone!!!
Today im going to show you my latest design :
Spider shell
[Image: 85f00acd29d442aba2c6ca1e0753322a.png]

This shell would probably cost around 100- 150 Credits because you would get a free weapon with it.
Spider web= Traps target for 1 turn(target is not able to move) and after target gets free it adds slow effect(decreases speed by 50%) for 2 turns.
if someone already suggested something like this im sorry

#[email protected]$0n
Very nice art, keep it up Smiley_ThumbsUp
Very cool Smiley_RockOn
Ns shellSmiley_Smile
very nice, although i do have arachniphobia
Damn, I am usually creeped out of spiders because they look desgusting, and have lots of hair and all those eyes... Yikes!
It looks cool! (kinda like a combination of a potato and a kiwi) but of course it would be a great idea for the game Smiley_BigGrin
and the effects are cool too!
Well yeah...It was pretty hard to make it look like spider since its Egg shaped.
Love the shell!!! Still your signature is more of a cringe than the shell Smiley_Confused
Goodjob Vackson
Great shell
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