Full Version: Please make bigger friends lists
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My friends list has been full for a long time so it's been hard to add new friends. Is there a reason it's only 30?
Yeah I find really good people on games that say they wud like to be my friend but I have my friend list full and I don't want to delete people because they are good
I agree with u buddy its will be so good if they rase the limit of the freinds list to 50 maximum.
Before it was like 10 I believe. I think 30 is a big enough number.
The point of the friend list isn't to have everyone on it, that's why it's limited to 30 (roughly the same number of people that most clans have their max members at). What you should be doing is adding the people you regularly play with/want to play with; if you stop playing with someone, then they should be removed from your list.
I agree with chron. I regularly delete people who go inactive or dont play with me, and I still run into the max a lot. A higher max would be nice.
This has been a request since time immemorial, and I've seen it come up every so often.

While there are really no drawbacks to this, the only issue is how many friends overall the server can handle. I sincerely doubt it needs to be capped to 30 nowadays, although the needed cap is probably lower than most people expect.
I had been adding whoever requested me since I started playing, but recently I decided to clean my list and only leave people who I recognised and/or were still actively playing.
I ended up with less than 10 friends.

Personally I don't even run into active, communicative or /nice/ players very often anymore... So while I personally don't need a bigger friends list, I don't necessarily see the reason for a limit on it. That being said I can't imagine why you'd really need more than 30 friends stored up.
Just add a way to buy more space with credits. Maybe 3 or so credits per friend space. This means a 5 USD package would net you 33 more friends, for a total of 63. Or, separately or in conjunction, offer a deal where the more creds you purchase, the more your friend list is expanded, for example, a 5 USD pack is 10 lfriend expansion, and a 10 is 22 and a 20 is 45 and a 50 150 or so.
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