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some of my art I dedicate this art is more than a simple desire is to spend spend time and effort to what you will create . put your imagination fly and flow your desire to show the best of you below some of my creations signatures for some users of the forums bad egg
I hope you like and if anyone wants some see that you make a signature feel free to ask me I'll be happy to do

1_from : bad egg
[Image: eum438.gif]

2_ from : BadNilla
[Image: 2873fjd.jpg]

3_from: call-me-epic
[Image: 15db5ex.gif]

4_from: captainmyass
[Image: 2a8mb7m.gif]

5_from: DeAtH_EaTeR567
[Image: kq58n.gif]

[Image: fjnerp.gif]

[Image: s16cqs.gif]

[Image: 11rg9jn.gif]

[Image: 2hriplk.jpg]

10_from: me
the firm that I have now

for those who want a signature I ask you to enter here
just some of many more I'll have more later Smiley_Wink
Your signatures are very good ,just i think you shouldnt animate background because it looks buggy.
OKey thank you very much Smiley_Wink
Nice job Carlos.
thanks bambam Smiley_Wink
Hey Carlos nice work bro keep them up !!! Smiley_ThumbsUp
Good job carlos.
good sigs dude!
thank guys very much I am happy to see that many people like and you know if they want a do not hesitate to tell me Smiley_Wink
Nice sigs carlos keep up the good work
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