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Will we have a leaderboard in the beta stage or once the full version comes out? I suggest we get it now rather than wait for the beta stage to end.
Also how many places will there be? 20 or 50?
So excited and can't wait for more updates!

Hope everyone has fun,
I prefer to have 1000 in leader bored or even 10,000 just to compare your self to other players to see what rank you are or close to reaching it. like lets say if its out of 1000 id like to see what rank im in and what i need to do to rank up the person above me so i hope they can add over 1000 for leader boreds
As much as I would like that, I don't think its possible. I am trying to be reasonable. BEO1 has 20 and ninth Realm has 50. I think the max should be 100 at most! But somewhere around 20-50 would be nice!
Although 50 may be the perfect amount to compare yourself to others and have a friendly competition.
I would like 10000. because you could compare your self to other people.
For leaderboard we really don't need a huge one. 50 would be more than enough.

I would request that on the leaderboard page it shows your current rank, even if you don't show on the leaderboard.

So if the leaderboard were 50 long, there would be a 51st line in the display that showed the current player's ranking, name etc. If the person was ranked #450 overall would show:

#1 Eggy 1
#2 Eggy 1
#49 Eggy 49
#50 Eggy 50
#450 <Your Name Here>
I think 100 will do.
we could have the main leaderboard whitch is 20. and then (I don't know if this is to hard) you could have like 1000 people after. for the minor leaderboard.
Rayvel, I think your idea is perfect. I have always wanted something like that but it may seem like a lot of work or maybe hard to accommodate. I think that would benefit everyone! Everyone would be on the leaderboard.

Top 20 then your spot.
that's kinda what I was trying to say.
I think 100 would be good enough or possibley 500.
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