Full Version: Rugby Player Shell + (Finally) The Special Weap!!
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[Image: 2jbma9u.jpg]

Hello guys i need to know what u think about my shell Smiley_ThumbsUp !

Coming soon the animated special weapon of the Rugby shell§!!
looks cool good job.
(04-06-2016 11:32 PM)Brosef Stalin Wrote: [ -> ]looks cool good job.
Thnx i hope wait for the special weapon .
Nicee work tho!
Nice job. I play football but I have always wanted to play rugby. Keep it up I would love to see more.
Very nice.
Awesome shell Smiley_Smile
thnx you guys im still working for the weap Smiley_Wink
Do you play rugby Mehdi?
Hi guys here is it the special weapon!!

Spoiler :
[Image: TgKX9jk.gif?1]

My idea its the weap stick on the walls (exept bouncy wall) and explode with making a damage -36.

Thnx guys and i hope you enjoy with me my littel work and stay cool Cool !!!!!Smiley_ThumbsUp
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