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Hello guys,

I have a suggestion for this awesome game; the superhero shell
It can be 1 or more shells for more additional weapons and more fun.
The superheroes can be made up. (I'm okay with that)

The weapons can be:
- Hulk fist
- a flare that summons the flash, or a flashligth that summons batman
- Captain America's shield
- a made up hero with weapon that shoots a flare that summons lightning

And by the way, can the plasma gun be tweaked because it can 1 shot an egg if shot correctly. Smiley_Shocked

My option sounds bad
While interesting, they could never be added.

The reason: copyright

Every weapon is trademarked for a specific hero and the companies that own the heroes have various copyrights in place for each one of them and their appearance/tools/equipment.
yea due copyrights donkins would need to buy licenses to use those and that would cost more than it would bring money.
Overlooked that for a sec, srry guys

But in the thread i was talking about some made up heroes
Can and will/should are completely different. Otherwise (because that's a very small problem) you've got the issue that what you've suggested for examples are all very iconic weapons. Instead, what you should do is create your own concepts and show pictures of those. The "Batarang" for example was just used in Batman v Superman. The shield can be seen in almost every marvel movie (either in the movie itself or somewhere in the credits).

The only "original" idea is the last one with the idea for a lightning flare. That's original for BEO2, but was a weapon back in BEO1. (Wasn't it the dragon weapon? Someone who has it/remembers, please confirm.)
The ball of lightning in beo was pack......4? Maybe 6. Been a while, but it wasnt a dragon wpn. Every dragon wpn had a diff. amount of fireballs.
Ah, thanks Vex. Been so long that I forgot where everything was.
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