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In the past I've covered my extreme distaste for the innumerous amount of people that choose to play with big explosions and jump, but i'm going to cover a different base here.

First, a look back at history. . . .
When x2 Xplosion came out, I too thought it was cool. I mean, more explosions = more fun right? At least that's what i thought. I played with it for a time, then one day i played a normal setting game, (this is all before r. gravity was released) and i realized that i had played on big explosions for so long that my aim has become faltered. I realized then, that playing on big explosions affects your skill and aim in the game in a highly negative way. I never went back to it after that, as to me...precision means more.

Now here we are today, smothered with pro games that ONLY have big explosions. If you watch careful on nearly all these games, the individuals hosting have an off-aim themselves. Should you take them and instantly put them in a normal setting game you'd notice that their shots would be so far off that it would be laughable considering their level and experience.

I strongly believe in two things:
1. People should challenge themselves so they excel and get better.
2. That constant 'luck' shots shouldn't be a deciding winning factor in games.

I propose that there be a damage penalty to using Big Explosions in your game. 1/3 of all damage per shot become deducted, in the same fashion that using skill shot close-range has a decreased damage output. For those that really enjoy using big explosions, this has little effect to them because they are still able to use and see their beloved over sized explosions, and will still be able to maintain and win their games in much the same way that they do now.
Though it would also dissuade people from using this as a crutch if they desire a higher damage output. My hopes would be that it would increase the amount of people that play in actual pro settings, using one or more of the other more difficult settings. (IE: wind, low gravity, random gravity).

I can join a random pro lobby in 1v1, (always has x2 Xplo & jump) and regardless of their level compared to mine, and how much higher in level I am they will stay and play because (i have calculated) regardless of my expert skill level in playing per game the opponent has a 30% chance of winning due to the big explosions overriding the need for accuracy for their weapons.
Compared to, me hosting my own pro game with wind and gravity, people will join/leave and join/leave my lobby for several minutes before I can actually get a game going, and the only people that stay to play are people that are lvl 40 and lower.
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TheMAdGAmer566 was lvl 12, everyone else was lvl 70+, some being as high as 3rd prestige. They refuse to play games that require higher difficulty. In the rare cases that someone of decent level does stay to play my hosted game they will rage quit within 1-3 turns. Getting kills is a pain.

I believe that more people would be apt to stay and play more difficult games if more people actually hosted more difficult games.

You all might take this as I'm complaining, I am, but not for what you think I am. I desire the general skill level of the BEO community to increase, I WANT to play challenging games. I WANT people to learn and know the various more difficult settings. I strongly believe that if more people did host using more challenging settings that the community as a whole would be more accustomed to playing on them.

In BEO1 there was wind. Lots of non-pro users learned how to play with wind because there was so many pro games using wind. Understand the point I'm trying to convene?

I believe that by adding a damage penalty to Big Explosions will not only even things out, it will also equalize the inaccuracy of shots to make it more fair. At the same time it would give an incentive for people to create lobby's that do not have this horrible setting.
Lol when i joined forum like 70% of forum users played with Big exp, jump ,spd eggs and bouncy wall on,the rest were the pro players like EoDs/proz and later Beta members,who played much harder setts like low g/wind.
Now like 70%forums users play wind low g lol( i guess People realized how fun is to play with difficult setts ).

That all is exactly what happened to me...

I started to play better in the right moment I decided to play without x2 explosions enabled, just because it requires more accuracy. For example, deal 50 with a Bring the Rain without x2 explosions is pretty difficult.

Your idea is good in the way that it will balance the game, but I think the pro users will just turn it off. For what I have seen in game and in other places such as youtube, what people want is to level up very fast (I don't understand why, but there is the fact). Most of pro users will just continue fighting noob people with easy settings, because they feel good winning, not doing really good shots. Sad reality...
I don't use use explosions myself but making it so that using the option makes you do less damage basicly means you hate people using x2 expolsions and want everyone to use settings wich you fell 'are needed' so you can do your own thing.

Just make your own game and hope people don't leave Smiley_Tongue

(03-29-2016 06:56 AM)TheBigBlackGuy Wrote: [ -> ]I don't use use explosions myself but making it so that using the option makes you do less damage basicly means you hate people using x2 expolsions and want everyone to use settings wich you fell 'are needed' so you can do your own thing.

Just make your own game and hope people don't leave Smiley_Tongue

In reality (or BO3, since I know you play that), if you miss someone with a rocket (let's say that they're 1000 feet away from the impact), then they would have less damage than someone who was much closer to it. By using x2 explosions, that means that I could completely miss you, but still kill you. If you joined a x2 explo match, then left and joined a regular lobby, you would not be able to hit anything with much accuracy.

Because people don't want to put in any effort, that means that any of us who make a game and DON'T use x2 AND jump will be waiting 5-10 minutes for a match to start. In that same time, people with lesser skill will finish at least 2 games and be ready to start their 3rd or maybe even 4th game. Using that same 5-10 minutes, we could go and make some dinner, fix up things around the house or do some important work. But that means we're not looking at the game, and if it starts and we get kicked for inactivity, then that's a lot of wasted time.

Because you don't use them (and I'm assuming you don't join games with these settings), you (probably) have no idea what we're talking about. Using the settings is a choice, it's not about hating people who use them. What is rather loathesome is the amount of time that the majority of us spend waiting for a match only to have people RQ when they realize it's not x2 or jump. If they don't RQ right away, then they ask if we can turn them on (and everything else off), even if you explain to them why you won't, they still RQ after you say "no".

Many BEO veterans have left the game over the years, one major reason is disinterest and another is neglect. Others leave because there's no skill to it, and x2 + jump only makes that "no-skill" aspect even worse. Adding some kind of a handicap would restore the balance and encourage people to try other game modes and settings.
Ohh I get I now. Sorry for being so negative Smiley_Crying. Maybe one time I could play with you guy some wind game ect Smiley_Tongue
Honestly, I agree... I was a noob (was..., I still am!) but I used to play the exact settings you said. After meeting a lot of members throughout the forums, they made me change my mind. Playing with wind and low gravity you could get the best shots I have ever seen.

So, I got bored of playing with normal "noob" settings, and decided "you know what why not play wind and random gravity/normal low gravity". I probably had more fun with that then what any 2x explosion game I ever played!

Honestly 2x explosions + big boom = terrain gg no ri

Seriously though, for anyone who is still playing them boring settings...please try wind and random gravity, get used to it. Then tell me how much fun you had with it Smiley_Wink
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