Full Version: Happy (Belated) Easter
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Yes I know I'm a day late, had three separate egg hunts to jolt to yesterday for the kiddies. Anyways, I made this for Easter, but it wasn't really complete and I had other things originally planned for it. Since Easter has come and gone I figure I may as well share it with the community.

[Image: WPDKoma.gif]

Also did anyone else find it strange that upon receiving the Easter credits you get a "Happy Christmas!" image pop up? Smiley_Confused
Amazing !

Well done man, i'm sure it took a long time to work. (Happy Christmas)

keep it up Smiley_Smile
Great job vexis,i love the details and animation!
That's real nice, DAD. Good job.
Nice work man !
This is late too, I guess. But better late than never, right?

Great details and your work is always 100% going to astonish me. Keep up the great work Vexis Smiley_ThumbsUp
I hope everyone had a great Easter. Smiley_Smile
Lol, I'm late too, happy Easter everyone.
Guys I got so much chocalate ummmmmmmmm it's like had haeaven on earth
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