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I have finally decided to put my artistic skills (Which are minuscule) to the test. I don't have many great ideas but I am hoping that more will come to me. So I though I might as well go for the simple design to start off with, please don't blame me if your eyes bleed to such horrific work. But on the serious note please could you keep in mind that it is my first attempt.

[Image: YhBUyzf.png]

Just because I had some spare time today I decided that I should make another shell, it may not be as creative but I still think it looks ok. I bet you can't guess which character this is Smiley_Smile

[Image: zrcTl7v.png]
Looks awsome!Great job bro Smiley_BigGrin
Very nice man good job Smiley_Smile
(02-26-2016 07:21 AM)[NBK™]TheRealGangsta Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice man good job Smiley_Smile

(02-26-2016 07:02 AM)Oryx Wrote: [ -> ]Looks awsome!Great job bro Smiley_BigGrin

Thank you so much Smiley_BigGrin
I am surprised to see people did not turn blind to my work. Smiley_Smile
Nice job man. Looks great.
im jealous D: D: very awesome
good job
I think you have made it with photoshop?
Woah! Great for a first attempt! Very nice..Decided on a name tho ?
(02-26-2016 05:13 PM)Avenger (Sidd) Wrote: [ -> ]Woah! Great for a first attempt! Very nice..Decided on a name tho ?

I was thinking something along the lines of Gandalf the Gre'gg. Nothing special but I am hoping to make more soon Smiley_Smile
Wow Harred that's awesome, keep it up bro! Smiley_WinkSmiley_ThumbsUp
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