Full Version: Map designer option and give friends credits
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I think a option to make ur own map then have the option to let people buy it for how many credits you want or for free. Also if u have any credits left over you dont want you can dontate to your friends so they can have them. Another thing is to add flying to some of pro options to make it even more worth buying.

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no and no.

1. that'd lead to trap maps.

2. that'd lead to dummy accounts donating credits to main account which uses those to buy everything and donkins won't get single cent/dime/whatever currency.
The map creator idea's been suggested over and over again. Here's the reasons people have said it wouldn't be a good idea:
1. Trap maps - Even with random spawns, it is possible to create them given general spawn areas.
2. Flat maps - Many people don't like playing on these kinds of maps because they feel it removes needed skill to play.
3. Inappropriate map creations - If someone wanted to create certain pieces of anatomy (male or female), they could very easily do that.

Back in BEO1, if people didn't make trap maps, it was making one of the other 2 I mentioned.

For the donating, that won't happen...ever. There's no reason for it and if someone wants the credits then they can buy them on their own or you can make the purchase for them. And we can't forget that there are always free credit events for the major holidays (or, there have been in the past), which also make this a bad idea (4 accounts, donate to 1 of them and you've instantly got pro on an account).

And the "flying" thing, what exactly do you mean by that? If it's giving your egg the ability to fly, then no. A flying target is almost easier to hit than a grounded target, the only difference is that you can't use grenades. If you mean taking the weapons and turning them into things like the RC swarm or Red Baron, then also no. The weapons are (mostly or loosely) based on real tech. So unless you see some TNT with wings, you're not going to see it in the game.
yea no to flying either since many weaps are useless against flying eggs.
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