Full Version: Select number of players for party games
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When creating a party game, why can't we select the number of players? Default is four. Having two or three player games would be fun also. Smiley_RockOn
1 vs 1 partygame would be bit boring.
No more boring than playing one on one in regular match
It would be for me, since you're supposed to try to kills in weapons and take a certain amount of damage. And sometimes in party games you could get two or three kills if people don't kill each other all the way. And there's a chance that that could happen to you, also. So it makes it more interesting than just shoot someone with a rasberry and them shooting you back at it, and killing eachother in two shots over and over.

That seems a lot more boring than having ten or more weapons that you can choose from and use strategies with them to win the game in a 1v1.

Anyway, I don't see anything bad with the idea. I don't really care if it gets implemented or not, since I rarely play party games.
(01-20-2016 07:46 AM)egg.streme Wrote: [ -> ]No more boring than playing one on one in regular match

on regular match player has all weapons available and in party games player is limited to certain weapons and in killer mode player who starts would be winner and sometimes match could become stalemate where either player can't kill other player (happened to me few times when 2 players had left and both players still playing can't deal damage with weapon in use).
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