Full Version: My Fan Arts (weapons, maps, etc). :3
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I'm bored and I decided to make the in-game's normal bow the most similar possible in Happy Wheels' Level Editor.

It's horrible, I know. Smiley_XD (I didn't finish it yet). :v

Spoiler :
[Image: Zu2wl02.png]

Also I'll put arts of other things like new maps made by me. Smiley_Smile

Hope you like 'hem all! Smiley_BigGrin
Oh that is really nice i love it nice dude
The texture looks pretty good. It's just the shape that needs work.
Wow that's actually very nice. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
Done. C:

I added other bow and arrow's versions:
  • Bow 'n' arrow without the borders.
  • Bow without arrow.
  • Arrow without bow.

Hope you like it (maybe I'll make another weapons' arts and add these here). Smiley_Tongue

Check it out with +50% zoom:
Spoiler :
[Image: 5nbghol.png]

Check it out in full HD 8k. :V
Spoiler :
[Image: d9VURMJ.png]

Gimme a like if you think I should be a BEO designer. ;v Ok no. =v
Yes......... maybe I can put other weapons' draws here... C:
Whatya think? C:
You are actually really good... I can see doors opening with talent like this.
(01-09-2016 08:42 PM)ILovePinkBarbies Wrote: [ -> ]You are actually really good... I can see doors opening with talent like this.

Yey, thanks! Smiley_BigGrin

Today maybe I'll do the 8-ball art... :3
I made the Magic Eightball art on Happy Wheels. :3

I really like how I made this one (looks a bit easy to make but the shadow thing is a bit hard to do, yes, the black figure which is between the black and red, and black and yellow balls).

The art (with borders and borderless):
Spoiler :
[Image: CcffrJE.png]

All models (All balls and shadows):
Spoiler :
[Image: v0kuQFR.png]
This art work is awesome Smiley_BigGrin. I never knew such good art could be made with the Happy Wheels level editor.

Keep it up Smiley_Smile
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