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For the first time ever, I tried to use this box in the game earlier:

[Image: BONu7S3.png]

While it works just fine, I noticed that it only lets me select one type of game. My intention, however, was to search for 2v2 or 3v3 games.
In other words, what I'd be looking for is the ability to tick more than one box at a time (and have the lobby show games for all the types I've selected).

I figured it might be something that some other people would like as well. It doesn't seem particularly hard to implement either. What does everyone else think?
I thought about that for a bit a while ago. I'd like that.
I dont get the idea that much, I would vote for the bottom because I don't get the suggestion.
(01-03-2016 01:21 AM)The Goonies Wrote: [ -> ]I dont get the idea that much, I would vote for the bottom because I don't get the suggestion.

Inuyasha means instead of clicking one box you could click multiple ones because he wants to play 2v2s and 3v3s.
Should be added. 1v1's and 2v2's are something which I play and its boring to see Guest 3v3's....
I'm surprised this isn't how it was to begin with, seems like a logical change.
Swapping the button between the desired game isn't too difficult either, it's been like this for 4 years so I'm pretty sure someone has already attempted to make the same similar point. In BEO1 it was even more difficult to swap because the games were placed in a left to right sequence. This isn't as small of a change as everyone thinks it is. There is little way to do this without making the results very disorganized. With the filter being as it is (and always has been), it is completely random and if this was to be tested, the games received fastest on the search will appear first. In example, let's say I want team games, searching 2v2, 2v2v2 and 3v3. You'd get a set up such as this:

2v2 : host name

2v2v2 : host name

3v3 : host name

2v2v2 : host name

3v3 : host name


3v3 : host name

2v2 : host name

3v3 : host name

2v2v2: host name

3v3 : host name

This will often exceed the first page and will go to the 2nd or perhaps even 3rd page depending on how large the search in question is. Though this already happens when one doesn't choose a mode to begin with, people want to lessen their search with clicking these buttons, and while it will technically "lessen their search" as said above, it will still pretty much look like the typical lobby when you don't filter it, just without a few game modes.

In fact, the lobby even when searching a single mode is even pretty disorganized. It doesn't go by maps, it doesn't go alphabetically, it doesn't go by pro or non pro games, it doesn't go by rep only or no rep etc... As said above with said addition it will only further disorganize everything, and when people play a game, they want it as clean, tidy as possible. (It's bad enough to begin with)

Another thing, If someone wants to team, 2v2 and 3v3 are right next to each other. If they don't, 1v1v1 and 1v1v1v1 are right next to each other as well. You can switch between both refreshing in the matter of a single click and the moving down or up one box with your mouse. 1v1 and 2v2v2 are the oddballs between all 6 available modes. There's a low possibility people want to look for just these two modes and hence are placed on opposite ends.

You are basically telling them to recreate the entire structure of how the lobby works with this addition, when in turn would just improve how disorganized the lobby screen is to begin with. They would of done something long ago if they had the resources to do this. The simple solution is to just swap the checkmark between wanted modes, you are not going to miss a game doing this unless you take your time to swap. (over 15 seconds)

If I had to vote, it's unnecessary and a waste of time unless the whole concept of lobby is revamped. (It'll take too much time off their hands and will not help pay their fees so doubtful.)
This is how filtering works in basically any kind of program (regardless of how it's actually written in code):

filtered = empty list
for each item in list: check if item matches filter, if so add to filtered
return filtered

Changing the filter is a very simple process, too. This can't take more than a few minutes to implement and perhaps an hour to test.

The fact that the lobby is disorganized only adds to the reasons why I'd want this to be added — if it's disorganized, I'd rather be able to filter the way I want to than have to look through a mess to find games of different types.
Besides, people who like the current method of filtering would only have to make an extra click (untick the current box before ticking a new one) to get the same behavior as now: in other words, people who don't like this feature could easily not use it ever.

I honestly can't see the downside.
Good idea, I've thought that before. Being able to search for more than one type of game at a time makes perfect sense.Smiley_ThumbsUp
+1 I definitely support this.

Many times i've wondered to myself why this wasn't already the case, as you have.
I just took it in stride though.
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