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Hello everyone, I have an idea for game lobbies

How nice would it be if you could rate users with your own personal rep, just like here in the forums, and be able to view it in the lobby, by hovering over the users shell. This would be nice for example if a player quit a lot of games or was rude or liked to hide, then they would get negative personal rep. You have to always have 8 or more actual in game rep to rep other players as well.

Example: [Image: ualdpo6c7fc.png]
I mean, it's not an overall great idea. Some users will just give you a negative rating for beating them. Also, there won't be enough supervision so they'll just get away with swearing in the rep. Users are already disrespectful enough in the game chat, reps allow them to leave a permanent rude comment.
Negative rep had to be removed from here due to abuse, and this is a small community, particularly when compared to the game.
This just wouldn't work, people already abuse the systems that are in place and they are restrictive — a system like this would be abused to death.
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