Full Version: A Upgrade to the BEO2 Store
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BEO2 should make that u can buy double XP at the store by itself. I think it should cost like 40 credits #plzzz make his happen!! Smiley_RockOn

This would be a good idea but for a little bit more creds you can get 10x the stuff than just 2x. Keep working and you will have those creds in no time. But with you on this subject I wouldn't mind seeing them lower the price of pro back down to a 100 creds.

(11-04-2015 08:29 AM)LikeABoss99 Wrote: [ -> ]BEO2 should make that u can buy double XP at the store by itself. I think it should cost like 40 credits #plzzz make his happen!! Smiley_RockOn

If you break it down into the base parts, the pack is 50, the pro maps are another 50 (basically another map pack) and the settings (including xp) are 100

Let's say the Donkins decide to sell them separately, then to split the experience from everything else, it too would need to be 50 credits or more. As many people would tell you, the bundle of settings, maps, wep pack and exp. are well worth the wait/cost.
What if you wanted to buy pro after you bought the double xp?
Well if you bought double XP first then bought pro would should get x4 XP then it would make people want to buy pro even more Smiley_Smile that's what i would think.

I think this would be a good improvement to the store. I have gotten 2 whole schools to start playing by spreading it around to play. This game has gone viral where i live and everyone i talked to about this loved it and wish it is going to happen.
But that's way too much xp.

If the donkins were to add double xp as a separate item, the cost of pro will blast up, to make getting 4X xp harder to get. I'd say that because of that, the cost of pro would be around $50 worth of credits (1000 credits).

I don't want you to think I'm trying to bring your idea down, I just wanted to simply state the possible outcomes.
I still believe the Donkins should do weekly sales to the in-game stash section of the shop. MANY online games i play or have played do similar. Hell even some of those facebook games do that.
Maybe every weekend, they can put stash weapons to half off?
I've never used credits for stash weapons simply because they are one time use and therefor not really worth many credits, in my opinion they're worth much less than the cost of them.
If they were half off every now and then maybe I would spend a few dollars to stock up who knows
4 x xp would be too much and would make leveling up too quick (especially with 2 x health (over 900 xp from 1 vs 1 match and 3 vs 3 would give ~1.5k xp)) so donkins would need to raise prestige cap alot and those who play against themselves would just love 4 x xp.
If they added 2x EXP, I'd hope they'd make pro's 2x not stack with it. (Perhaps sell pro at a lower price if you already have the 2x?)
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