Full Version: My bad eggs art.
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That Earf egg would be fun! Name him captain planet and give him a cape... hopefully nobody sues over the name ;D
I see you got a thing for your teachers then. The way you made the shell. (Joking) Good job on the eggs.
Very nice eggs but the most the world one Smiley_Tongue
I'm telling you, name him Captain Planet, give him a cape, and his description can be : Saving the world, one egg at a time. Priceless!

TBH this cartoon I'm talking about to base this on is probably before most of the player base's time Smiley_XD
Thanks all, I appreciate your feedback. Smiley_BigGrin
Sorry about not commenting here until now, but I really do enjoy the world egg. Simple, but with some nice detail.

Permission to use it as my avatar?
Thanks you, yes I will like to see my art on your avatar image. Smiley_Smile
New shells already uploaded.
very nice bro thanks for letting me use as my avatar Smiley_Smile.
Can I use the good and bad egg?
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