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So yh this is the first time i drew shell.I got inspired by Hitman.

Spoiler :
[Image: 55wXbug.png]
HITMAN shell updated version!!
Spoiler :

Tell me what you think( be honest) Smiley_Tongue

2. Cow shell
Spoiler :
[Image: KxLr5iv.png]

3.Orc shell
Spoiler :
[Image: Yg7dUJE.png]
3,5 Different version of orc shell.
Spoiler :

4.Hisoka shell
Spoiler :
[Image: hjQjpLJ.png]
5. Spartans Hoplite
Spoiler :
[Image: FgaCVnr.png]
6.Kaneki ken,tokyo ghoul character(anime)
Spoiler :
[Image: 1NrB5ZV.png]
7.Tiger shell
Spoiler :
[Image: B6VxvJJ.png]
8. Eggs playing beach volleyball!!!
Serbia vs Croatia Smiley_XD
Spoiler :
[Image: OxIqf8j.jpg]
Img cap reached ,from now on i will be posting links of my designs.

9.Samurai shell
Spoiler :
10. Demon/ILLIDAN shell(character from warcrraft)
Spoiler :
11.ANUBIS shell
Spoiler :
For a first time I must say its great but did dz help you or did you do everything yourself? if you done it yourself with no help its excellent for first time I hope to see more eggs from you. Smiley_ThumbsUp Smiley_Viking
I didn't help him.He did all on his new program.
There are litle things u could do better vaks,but for first time its good. ;D
I am sorry, but the nose looks hilarious not in a bad way. I mean a "nose" on a egg doesn't look right lmfao.

Anyway for a first try It was a lot better then my "first attempt" so gg
@Gangstar Thanks for comment and i did alone for like 15 mins.
@Hidden ahhaha yeah i forgot eggs dont have nose, but anyways thanks for being honest
A) It sucks Smiley_Devil.

B) It's okay Smiley_Sleepy.

C) Nice Smiley_ThumbsUp.

D) AWESOME Smiley_RockOn.

Spoiler :
And the right answer is D! Omg I'm so good at quizzes Smiley_WideEyed.
Nice and nice..... You and Dz could open a stall together too like HK's and Laser's Smiley_Tongue
(09-06-2015 11:55 PM)Avenger (Sidd) Wrote: [ -> ]Nice and nice..... You and Dz could open a stall together too like HK's and Laser's Smiley_Tongue
No thanks i already told hidden that i wont steal his job.
Real nice work Vakson, I actually think you made the nose fit in really good.
Now make a Hitgirl Smiley_Hungry.
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