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I like the old shells. So using the templates given I will be slowly re-doing a lot of the old shells. All original ideas are property of the Donkins. I only hope that I will be saving them some time so they can implement the shells. Maybe, eventually.

[Image: AlienTemplate_zps8ae9b134.png]
[Image: PandaTemplate_zpsf2cedbe5.png]
Dang it, Vex. I had been planning to remake all the BEO1 shells. That's right all 90 some-odd of them that hadn't already been remade. I already finished a few, and I was all ready to make the topic for it. The problem is, you can only have 10 pictures per post, and there are way more than 10 eggs.

I really couldn't find a good way to get my designs out in one place. Due to that, I don't think I'll ever finish my project.
Here are some samples that I made:

Samurai Egg:
[Image: 24mfa7k.png]

[Image: 2zgurk0.png]
(Yes egg666, I made that specifically for you)

Anyways, good luck with your project. Looks good so far.
(12-07-2013 12:41 PM)Vexis Wrote: [ -> ]Hey sonic, how do you make yours with the transparent background? I have to save mine as a bmp because when i use jpeg i lose quality when uploading it to photobucket.
And your shells look awesome btw.

1. I use Gimp, not sure about you. In Gimp, it's very simple to turn on a transparent background, so I'd highly suggest it.

2. Save as a .png, or else you'll lose the transparent background.

3. I upload through tinypic, and you probably should as well.

Hope this helps! PM me for further assistance.
Wow SonicTheKid Nice shells! Can u make me a basketball player one?
These remastered eggs look great! Thanks for doing this
(12-07-2013 01:58 PM)xSuperMariox Wrote: [ -> ]Wow SonicTheKid Nice shells! Can u make me a basketball player one?

I'm sorry, I'm not taking requests right now. Also, if you need to say something like this to me in the future, please feel free to PM me, to prevent going off topic. Smiley_ThumbsUp


Thanks a lot man, I worked hard on those. I may just make a topic for the rest that I made.

And lastly, good job to Vexis, the Panda looks great!
I really like those. Sonicthekid's version of the samurai shell looks nicer IMHO.
nice job vexis and sonic. there really cool. I like them a lot Smiley_Smile
Great shells guys! I love 'em! KEEP 'EM COMING!
Dang, that samuri/zombie egg look awesome! Sweet job
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