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Hi everyone,

I've recently got into clay sculpting and decided to make my very own Bad Eggs 'fan art' to get started. This was made using Super Sculpey in case you're interested (painted with acrylics).

Let me know what you think!

[Image: 11145888_881787325224453_8695885237450821918_o.jpg]
Wow, that's very nice. Good job, I like it.
Nice one! The hat is a masterpiece.

[Image: good.png]
Awesome work Rob!

Your not just good in the digital world but great in real life too! Is there thing you can't do?!
Looks really nice,awesome art work!
I imagine my own shelf that comprises of figurines like this oneSmiley_Smile. Eye contact with that could improve my mood after bad daySmiley_BigGrin. It looks great.

regards kit
Very cool, clay is very fun since it can make things life-like.

That's how I made my eggs for the competition. Very cool!
U r a super natural bro rob (:
Very nice Smiley_Smile

looks awesome
Looks nice Rob! Hope to see more soon!
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