Full Version: Official Dragonbolt's graphics thread!
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Yay thank you for the shell for me Smiley_BigGrin
000geeeoo is my brother. I told him to come and get it. I have to show him how to put it in his profile. he will like it. thank you bolt for making my brother happy.(so he wont try to beat me up) lol
Oh my god DragonBolt,your work is stunning and the swords where placed perfectly!
I'll give you a head's up;The sketches I create,that we were talking about,will be ready in some days and I will share it,hope you like them! =)
THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE AWESOME EGG, AND NICE OTHER SHELLS Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin (and I don't beat master chief up :/ )
you used to.. until I fought back Smiley_Wink (broken ribs) lol

ok back to topic. dragonbolt. you are really good. you made the swords and the cape under 2 minutes. that is awesome!
Haha 000geo and I wee playing a few matches together, and he told me EVERYTHING about your twin brotherhood Smiley_Tongue

Thanks Droidegg! Before you reveal your amazing sketches to the public, pm them to me Smiley_Tongue
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , and thank you again, I really like you other egg shells you should start a career, Smiley_BigGrin
....I have a confestion..

ME AND OOGGEEO ARE TWINS! lol. like dragonbolt said. but were not identical at all. he fat (ok average) and looks like my dad. and I am skinny (deathly skinny) and look like my mom.

ok. dragonbolt. I have a request. I would like a signature. halo themed. and my name (Mater chief this time) I would like more of a battle sene. like people fighting in the back round.

-Master cheef.
That's fine. I'll do it. But just one question, can I use your shell for this?
yeah sure! as long as you use it only for my sig. and I wounder if Albert would be ok with that. sence it's his shell that he made. I should ask him.
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