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If u accidentally bought a skin could you make it so that you get your credit back but however you lose some of the credit so lets say i bought the wrong skin for 45 credit. Could you make it so that i can sell it for 30 credits.
I don't think that could work. It would be far too easy for people to purchase expensive shells, only to sell them again when they get bored of them. In my opinion, it would be better to just exercise caution over which shell you purchase.

The Donkins would also lose a significant amount of profit. You're talking about a refund of two thirds the original amount. If a player decided to purchase a shell worth 600 credits - the Atom shell, for instance - and subsequently decided to sell it, they would be refunded 400 credits - enough to purchase eight weapon packs. Although the Donkins should have ordinarily received the profits from 1000 credits, they would essentially have given that player 400 credits for free - approximately a $20 profit loss.
Been wanting to post here for a while

As with what tally said, this is not a very good idea, I could buy black, then sell it and get blue and red later, as that would be 666.666667 credits at 2/3 rate, so the donkins would lose quite a bit of money over that, and they wouldn't be too happy about that, and that is also what funds this awesome game. I love to support it, so while this feature would be nice, it is not practical in my opinion, and I don't see it coming anytime soon.
But how about if u could sell in a certain amount of time after you buy it. So after a few hours you cant sell it anymore.
That may work, but the feature is not really needed imo, just be confident.
Lets say you bought the black dragon, you went to the practice mode to test the weapon and you found it does not do good damage, then you go to the shop and sell it to buy the red and blue dragon. It can be tested in few minutes. That's why it is bad idea.
i dont love this idea to shell shells becuase u choose them

btw bry i think if shell black dragon u take 850 creds Smiley_Smile
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