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Idk if this can be done, but if it can, epic praise to donkins

So like you can tag someone on Facebook, wouldn't it be cool if you could tag people in posts and threads you make to tell them to come check it out, and they get a pm notification whenever they are tagged letting them know.

Lemme know what you think Smiley_Smile

yep it can be done,Admins have to install this plugin on this forum only Smiley_XD

Link of plugin->
I don't think most people would want their PM inbox spammed by people asking them to read their posts.
You could turn it on and off, and no way shadow, about to go on my forum!
I know you could turn it off. But it would be useless putting it in if not very many people want it.
So far you're the only one who is against it, am I blind?
Only me and shadow have posted.
It'd be shadow and I, don't know why you brought it up in the first place, now let it down.
I'm actually against this as well. For as many people as get mentioned in many of the posts, this would mean that EVERYONE would be constantly emptying their inboxes of the "spam" messages saying we've been tagged.

I can think of at least 5 people who would have this problem (including the mods on some days), and that would mean that nothing could ever get done on here. Reported posts would go unchecked, people wouldn't be able to respond to important messages or even to get those important messages.
I see you there tench, could make it to where a person can only tag 3-10 times a day, or only in threads they make, or both. Thanks for the valuable input Smiley_Smile
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