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Hey everyone, I have decided that I want to make a tournament, and there will be 16 spots open. If you would like a spot, just message me here. It will be held on single game basis, play one and one only, win, you move on, lose, you're eliminated. Good luck to everyone. Here is the bracket as of right now

200 health, 30 secs,none, none, no forces, no jumping, wind, random grav, fast, no roulette, no big explosions,no skill shot, no auto tele.

Map is random symmetrical platforms and for non pros its pumpkin.

Screenshots must be provided. No win counted unless proof.
Settings and maps will be set soon.
First two contestants are up, 1337 and BIAZZ (shadowmaster), good luck guys! Now with scope goonday, kit and happa!
Banned/Unable players FaZeUnKnOwN XSSisawesomeX SkilzPayzBilz Jethro1
PRIZES CoolCoolCool
1st- The supreme leader needs a cool prize right, how about 450 creds.

2nd- the second best is still striving, so for them, a cool 220.

3rd- Try as they might, they seem to fall a bit short, but 100 creds for them.

The rest, there may be some bonuses, we shall wait and see.

Total Prize awarded
35 USD

20 to 1st
10 to 2nd
5 for 3rd

P.S. I may be 2-4 weeks on delivering payments to winners, rest assured, I will get your pay.

Chat Room
What are the settings going to be? I would be interested in joining this.
Hmm, I haven't thought about that, I would like to agree on something for everyone, and if someone isn't pro it could be tough to get the same setts, can we all just go through just normal setts, any map? Or if anyone has any ideas to resolve this, tell me. Thanks! Also, glad you would scope, you're a great player. Good luck if you do!
Id love to join this! But HARDSCOPEYOURMOM is right. Where are the settings.
As I previously stated, I'm not sure. If every match can have a pro then I could make cool and custom setts. If a match were to land with 2 non pros, then neither of them could use the custom setts made for the tourney. Also, glad you're interested in joining.
Well than make it simple you shall make game 1vs1vs1 and you would be the referee to see if they win or lose Smiley_BigGrin
Yep me too i wanna know settings before joinSmiley_Smile

I could just make it official in the sense that its going to be played on a certain map, stock setts, but that seems boring. I will have an answer by tonight. PS its 5pm for me. Also, glad you wanna join kit Smiley_Smile
I'm hoping for random gravity and wind because it takes the most skill (because you can't just spam grenades and you have to re-aim every shot). You could make custom settings and then if there is 2 non pro players there could be an exception rule that they have to play standard settings.
Great idea there scope. That may be what I settle on, as long as everyone can agree that it is fair.
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