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In it's a year and a half of existance, BEO2 has had only 1 official competition - Pimp Your Egg. And although I can't really say I participated, I remember it being really fun! But, come on, guys, that's it? I think you need to get this thing back to life. I really feel like this community is falling apart, and I think we could use a competition to cheer this up a little. What do you guys say? I think it would be fun. Vote on the poll and don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments below.

P.S. Dear troll2, I'm aware this has been suggested many times before, so please, be so kind and don't remind me.
Even if I wouldn't be a part of a future competition, they are fun to watch develop. We can always use a good art contest every now and then.
Zuchies. Yew tuk mai suggestion. :'3.


And I don't think nearly as much people would even participate in the competition. Nor would the work even be nearly as good as the last time.
Hope to see a competition this year Smiley_BigGrin
Me too Smiley_BigGrin i am ready for all Smiley_Wink
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