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[Image: Vortex-Ani_zpsxj4ixieo.gif]

Special Weapon: Wind Tunnel
Can not be aimed. Goes through Eggs. Disappears as soon as it hits any terrain. 22 damage
Spoiler :
[Image: Vortex-Map_zps4yr9m9kl.gif]

[Image: Boulder-Ani2_zpsrwjg0fvc.gif]

Special Weapon: Landslide
Similar to drill, effects wider area not as deep. 18 dmg to all caught in range.
Spoiler :
[Image: Boulder-Map_zpsgtthb9fg.gif]

[Image: Aqua_zps8cvn2qsj.gif]

Special Weapon: Fire Hyrdrant
Great for dogs. Heavy like dynamite. Shoots water 3 ways, 15 damage. (added in an extra water burst that does an additional 15 dmg but it might be too much) Small explosion, 5 dmg. Makes opponent 'Water Logged', severely reducing movement speed. Extinguishes any 'burn' effect.

Spoiler :
[Image: Aqua-Map_zpsnxfplgto.gif]

MAGMA (Or Ember)
[Image: Magma-Ani_zpsk1a49um0.gif]
(animation gave me some issues when uploading it with opaque background, added black to avoid re-doing much)

Special Weapon: Eruption
Fires a heavy ball, red and brown in color. Causes a small volcano to rise and shoot out hot lava burning opponents. Spits 10 shots 3 dmg per shot. Has burn effect. (didn't want to take the time to make the animation for every dmg the shots did)

Spoiler :
[Image: Magma-Map_zps0spaahe1.gif]

just realized i put the yellow arrow in the wrong place Smiley_Shocked
if i back to complain about content update, its fair i use the back time to reply to a thread like this one, you know u are one of the fews u have earned my respect by merits on forum

as usual Vexis u taked your time to make a valid suggestion, even u support your concept wit visual art, what help a lot, elemental are always welcome to game , now if u let me make a little suggestion on your concept what if instead of the weapons u suggested with every element , you turn that weapons in to hability, that way u add more value to eklementals and dont fall into the category of shell with a weapons.

now as i see the efect u guve to the weapons can bve turned easy into hability, like vortex could move all eggs hiten by the wind tunel instead of making dmg

or boulder, love the idea of mini drill but again lets dotn fit into weapons make it a special hability of modify terrain or maybe a version of fortress beo1 map effect

now aqua , well as fast can work mi mind after u inspiration what about an hability of make ground sliperry, like ( ice wepons moves work) so affected terrain coudl be to hard to move it since u split over all map

and vulcano, im goign to turn that vulcano into a moddify terrain, so huge terrain will raise in middle of map making a huge version of great wall of eggland beo1 map

nice work


Awesome work Vexis! As I told you, the weapons are original, I love the new effects.
Firstly all these we opens are not op. They are some great animation. all weapons or shells should be including in game because I've actually never seen something like that yet. Great suggestion and art work Smiley_Wink
First off very nice art, and nice weapons hope to see it on the game, but they are little bet over powered.
Very nice work Vexis, you outdid yourself with these. Love the boulder one, and I hope to see some of these in game. Looking forward to magma elemental.
awesome work my fav. is vortex & boulder animation Smiley_ThumbsUp cant wait for magma.
vortex seems similar as beo1's tornado (whatever its name was).
Awesome job vex. But I thought the boulder was going to have mouths where his eyeballs are, and then hands coming out of those mouths holding the eyeballs.
Very nice, this is what we need! I would love to see these in BEO2!
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