Full Version: Thanksgiving Update?
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Are they making a thanksgiving update later in the week? We could have new shells, a new map,new weapon map, etc...
Wish we could have that. But just wait and see. Smiley_BigGrin
Yeah, this game is still to early to come out with shells ect.'
At the moment fixing bugs/glitches etc is a priority so be patient. Once the Beta period is over I am sure the updates will come; I am excited to see what the Donkins come up with!
yeah i agree. i don't think there going to do any shells until Christmas. so i guess there skipping the turkey season Smiley_Shocked
Wrong. We got 3 new shells in the shop today for Thanksgiving. Very cool shells by the way
2 of the shells are in my sig.
Wow! What a surprising updated. I love the turkey shell btw :3
Wow, thank-you to the Donkins for this update; I didn't think an update would come so quickly so it was a nice surprise! The three Thanksgiving eggs look fantastique!
The eggs are cool!
Nice work Donkins!
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